Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Brand Investment: Why would you share your children (brand ideas) with Dragons?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
If i said to you, come into the Dragons Den and bring all your children with you - would you?

Would you trust Dragons with your children? Would you trust their intentions were to take and nurture your children, or would you think - perhaps they might simply want to grab them and then rip them apart?

Perhaps you might think that they would love your children. That they might see something in your children, something that they could nurture and grow into stronger, healthier adults. Or perhaps they might think "well, we're onto to a good thing here". "The parent is stupid, but we know she is so desparate for recognition for her good parenting that she would share her children with the worst kinds of abusers". "Dragons!"

"Cackle and hack, cackle and hack" - the Dragons laughed, cackled and hacked. They cackled and hacked all the way through the dance given by their prey, who were putting everything on the line to please them. Thinking that the Dragons were daddy or mummy and that they too would share the burden of love for their children and share in the fruits and the responsibilty for their upbringing. But twisting and turning the Dragons cackled and hacked at the parents, trying desparately to discard the parents, along with the parents belief in their children.

"Why oh why, do you believe in these flawed children", they ask?

Frightened and spitting the Dragons say, "it's my money, i made it, its for my children". "Why should i give you any of this hard earned zillion quid to help your children?" "Its my money!" Until finally the predator and the prey run away from each other and the children are never seen again.

Watch out for Abuser Dragons, just in case they invite you and your children into their lair.

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Executives increase risk to brands thru 'workplace mobbing'

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Are you an executive looking to hire change analysts, innovators or even agent provocateurs? You know, the kinds of guys or gals that like to think outside the box and get the job done. If you are, then you may find yourself in a position where you are forced into needing to do some 'Workplace mobbing'.

Workplace mobbing’ is defined as ‘a malicious attempt to force a person out of the workplace through unjustified accusations, humiliation, general harassment, emotional abuse, and/or terror’ as in (1999), p 40.

Many executives find themselves hiring on the basis of taking a risk on a candidate, simply to get some major cobwebs removed from the organisation. However, the relationship is usually short-lived given the strength of focus to change of the appointee involved. In order for executives to rewind from this arrangement, they are resorting to 'Workplace Mobbing'.

Whilst 'Workplace mobbing' is an effective method for removing the personality involved, it has been found to introduce substantial risk to the brand. Especially under circumstances where the offended party has gained significant insight to a business and the means to attack the brand in a multitude of different ways.

Read a paper entitled 'Mediocrity and the "no change" Principle' at:

Additionally see Linda Shallcross's site at:

Friday, 23 May 2008

Disruptive Innovation:: The Computer Games that could end all other Games!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Every generation of video game adds another layer to the pyramid. The pyramid is actually inverted meaning that as subsequent layers are piled on top, the structure becomes more and more precarious. As advances in video games technology are applied, the industry becomes more and more at risk from disruptive innovators. The cost and complexity of video game development has increased many fold, the competition in the market and the risks from insider threats is increasing all the time - much of it through low employee morale.

Many of these risks will seemingly be reduced by consolidation of the market players through acquisition and natural erosion of studios, leading to a future where much of the industry is dominated by only a few major players.

But whilst this may (seemingly) create more protection for the big publishers, this is not necessarily going to be a good thing for the industry.

Disruptive technologists are already working on projects that would see massively multiplayer games go online for a fraction of the cost of what publishers are currently investing. These games will drive demand through viral marketing campaigns and will offer subscriptions at a fraction of the price of todays PS3 or Xbox games. Content design is changing, from high aesthetics where the gamer doesn't have to you use their imagination to persuasive environments that tear at their imagination and make them use it.

So who actually will be driving these new projects?

Answer: Hackers will be driving them.

All power to the new game developers of the 21st century!

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Persuasive Technology Warfare : A premeditated attack on consumer Mindshare? You bet!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Throughout the 80's and 90's technology vendors poured billions of dollars into research projects aimed at building new markets and leveraging existing ones through the application of new high-tech software products. They employed 100's of psychologists, technology gurus, security experts & marketing strategists to design strategies to entrench consumers in their products, via innovative, integrated, empowering, technology programmes. These strategies were forged against the political backdrop of a battle to dominate the international computer market. Whosoever controlled the perspective of the consumer, had a strong position in the marketplace upon which an even stronger position could be built. Vendors knew that to engage the consumer they would first need to get their attention, through effective viral marketing campaigns. They understood that they would need to produce highly persuasive devices to captivate their audience, by introducing alluring features in their products. Ultimately they knew that in order for the consumer to be permanently possessed, they would have to target them through ever more powerful persuasive propoganda strategies.

During this period "Systems Innovators" were instrumental in designing exploitative strategies for all of the major technology vendors. Today, these people can be found reconstituting billion dollar psychological warfare strategies designed to influence the consumers purchasing decisions and repackaging them for any type of organisation wishing to exploit their marketplace via the strategic application of information technology. You don't need to be a member of the techno-elite to benefit from their investment over the past 3 decades. You just need to understand how to weave these strategies into your own investments in technology deployment.

If you want to win the strategic battle in your particular marketplace and remain competitive, then you need to think like a "Systems Innovator" and apply technology with the intent and motivation of "an elite guerilla unit, priming their weapon systems for all out strategic and tactical warfare".

Strategic intent or All out Persuasive Warfare?

Rapid and tactical deployment of small technology increments which are highly adaptable and which fit into an over-arching, all-encompassing architecture. Paul Strassman (Director U.S DOD).

Read more about persuasive technology at

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

It's Art Jim, but not as you know it!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We are Robot Deviant. We see things differently?

We see things that are said to be Art, as not-Art.

We see things that are said to be not-Art, to be Art.

Look closely at the image attached.

As you see beyond the graphics and frames, do you see something much deeper, much darker?

Do you see to the pain and loss? The misery caused?

Do you see the broken relationships, offset against lifes cruel illusions?

Is this the result of the global credit crunch? Or is the result of greed and stupidity?

Well look closer!

You won't find any answers in the aesthetics alone though.

You need to look beyond, to interpret this chart as a work of Art!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Competitive brands are those fashioned and re-fashioned from disordered thinking!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
In Today's fast changing world, the order of the day is order. And yet, what is ordered is not necessarily optimal.

Not necessarily competitive.

In fact, order can bring complete meltdown to your brand. It can kill the spirit of its contributors.

Competitive brands are fashioned from disorder.

They are ordered promises, drawn from disordered, free thinking.

Only from disordered thinking can your research and design be drawn from an unfettered spectrum of choice.

Find the single disordered, motivated mind and you will gain access to treasures, hitherto unseen.

Change your thinking, use disordered thinking to develop the worlds most competitive brands.

Sunday, 18 May 2008

2008: MS Innovators designing Linux Virus Library?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
If you were Microsoft wouldn't you build a library of virus, worms and trojans that could take your rivals(Linux) out?. Wouldn't you develop counter strategies to deal with the plague of Microsoft hole crackers out there? To set-up a counter-strike to tarnish the name of your competition too?

Wouldn't you evaluate all those nice open-source code vulnerabilities and build a virus executable library that could be unleashed sometime in the future (if required)?

Well stay tuned because 2008/2009 are going to be very exciting years.

For some!

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Google Hacks Google!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

It was Friday 16th May 2008.
All was quite in the Robot household
The coffee was in place
The computer whirring away
The blogger was doing its thing

When suddenly a request came in from my frontal lobe
It was time to hit the Google.
There was something there that i just had to get
Just had to have
And i knew i'd get it from that simple little Google Window

So i hit the icon - no need for words
and more rapidly than anywhere else
Find myself in Google Land

But what is this?
What could this be?
Where could this be?
Why could this be?
How could this be?

Is this Google?
Does it still exist?
Shock, Horror!

Someone has hacked Google
Its face isnt the same
Its got strings and nails on it
Oh God - who to explain!

So i approach the typing window very carefully
Enter words, to explain
Oh thank God - it is Google
Its really just the same!

Tuesday, 13 May 2008

What is Art? Sayings from a Heretical Perspective!

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
Spash liquid on canvas, move it around on the surface, mixing and arranging as you go. When finished. Call it Art!

What is art? Is art the result of the expression, or the expression itself? Or is Art something much greater? What could that be?

Can Art be measured? If so, how?

How so much an artist is a great and revered painter of royal portraits than the man who carves wooden ornaments so that his family will not starve?

If Art is your motivation, then its expression will be limited. If your motive is an art-form - then your expression will be unlimited.

Todays Artists are conjuerors trying desparately to get somewhere; to articulate a bourgeosie accepted style, through some half baked novel gesture - that they delude themselves into believing is their God-given authentic signature!

The establishments barriers to the acceptence of art forms are subversive devices. They are created in order to drive the art movement, in a particular direction - down a particular line. The language of the Art critic is the language of the devil, the con-man, the fraudster and the self-deluded and deluding bourgeoisie mind.

What is Art if you discard the all too confusing concept of beauty? Tolstoy.
Had he been alive today, he would have almost certainly asked that self same question.

Without gaining a true understanding of beauty, today's Art is just an empty vessel?

Thursday, 8 May 2008

FUD Busters: The games Executive Hiring Agents like to play?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

Hi Boss, Ed the hiring agent just called.... he told me something very interesting....


There is something new brewing in the markets
Its going to seriously shakeup the current way we do business
Its going to put a lot of people out of business
But the flip side is, the wealth is going to shift
Its going to shift over to a whole new array of talent
This talent isn't currently recognised
These guys exist, but they are not seen as holding any of the cards
But suddenly, overnight, these guys are going to make it big!

So lets get this right,

The guys with the money now, aren't going to be making any money in the future?
In fact the guys with the money now, are likely to lose their shirts?
Which means that many of the brands around now are going to go out of business?
Or at best, be taken over and supercharged by the new incoming talented executive team?
Who are people with serious smarts and are going to increase their wealth many fold?

Problem with this all is
Who are these guys?
Where are they?
What are they?
When are they going to arrive?

How are they?
If i could find one, i'd look after them very well indeed..........

Problem is... Just who are these guys?

Well wouldn't you know it..... Ed the hiring guy called again and said he was just contacted by a guy - who pretty much fits that profile.

Shall i give him a call Boss and get the guy in for interview?

F.ear + U.ncertainty + D.oubt = You are being suckered!!!

Billions wasted on Business Intelligence Solutions?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Much is placed on the need for more accurate, more concise, more timely reporting mechanisms for supporting business decision making. Much is placed on the analyst to define and assimilate the supporting business intelligence technology and the nature and scope of the resulting data output. Much is placed on the need for the executive team to have the very best decision support systems at their finger tips.

Billions are spent on extracting, importing, processing and representing this data.

Billions are spent on ensuring analysts have everything they need to do their jobs effectively.

The world is an analysts paradise, with a wealth of data at their finger tips.

All they need do is reflect the integrity and substance of the matter, without tainting it with bias or incompetence in any way.
As time goes by, we begin to see teams of analysts grow in the centre of the organisation. These analysts become the nerve centre of the organisational intelligence highway. Their distilled reports are fed straight up the spinal cord of the business, right into the executives memory banks.

Billions are spent on building external Business Intelligence sources and feeding them into the correct entry points in the organisation. Which are again fed into the belly of the organisation where the analysts live and then reconsituted and fed up to the brain.

There is no garbage here, there is simply distilled information coming fast in and fast up....

But what of the questions of why and how much?

A recent study of 10 major organisations revealed that none of them had an expert capability for analysising the analysis techniques used and for assessing the effectiveness of the methods applied for modeling and presenting the data to corporate executives. Neither did any one of these organisations conduct return on investment studies for their B.I.

Worst of all was none of the company directors studied understood in detail how metrics and indicators were derived from the data!!!!!

Lastly, it was found that none of the companies had an active programme for brainstorming new metrics and indicators and refining existing ones.

So we ask, Are Billions being wasted on Business Intelligence Solutions?

Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Panentheism - A neutral, dispassionate religion?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
If you don't belong to a religious order or house of God, ordinarily you might be labelled an aethiest - a non-believer. You may or may not care what other people label you, but what if you do care? What if you do believe that there is some higher order that reigns supreme and that this God is greater than the universe and that all the universe, all nature is contained within this God. If you believe that humanity is interconnected by the love of God and that each and every one of us must do our very best to spread this love, without fear for what might happen to us?

Are you still an aetheist, a non-believer?

Perhaps you might decide to choose a religion that is closer to your own world view. Perhaps you might undertake the rituals and take on the symobolism, as a sign of your sincere faith.

That is simply a matter for you!

But what if you are simply unable to find the right match?

If this is you - then you might consider identifying yourself with the belief system called "Panentheism". You can find a definition on the wiki and a list of other links below.

To become a Panentheist, you do not need to attend church, you do not need to read the bible or koran, or any other religious scriptures.

All you need to do is believe in the universal God, the omnipresent God, the God of love. All you need to do is believe that Love is the true force of God in the Universe. A universal energy that interconnects all men and women, by which they share their love to do Gods work.

Panentheism is the neutral religion.

Intelligence Sayings from Brand Killer Robots!

Brand Killer Robots says::

Why do you need intelligence training, if you are intelligent?

Why do you need a competitive intelligence unit? Is it because your management team are not intelligent?

Why do you need competitive intelligence training? Aren't you inspired enough to the beat the crap out of the competition?

Stupid little problems, make stupid little people.

Exciting challenges, make exciting, inspired and smart people.

The man with the big stick - is the man who respects no intelligence, bar his own. Which isn't very intelligent.

Bring the big stick and the intelligence evaporates.

Place intelligence in a dark smelly hole, with flies, shit and hoovers and you have todays high-tech office environments.

To many 'cocks' (stupid people) spoil the broth.

The man with the money, might look intelligent. But how much of what he earn't was created through intelligence - and how much by being an ignorant, ugly and hated moron?

You can choke on money, but you cannot choke on intelligence. It can give you a headache though.

He was the smartest one in the class, but the dumbest one in life.

One man cannot rule the world, but he can destroy the world.

Science: Man creates monsters to destroy the monsters it created already

Stephen Ryan
Brand Killer Robots

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Why science was a bad idea? Einstein would have known it was the road to a self-harming world!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
If i were to study the scientific disciplines i would surely spend my life looking through a microscope at illusions, rather than learning to know and see the world (unhindered by academia) for myself.

When the man who has cancer because of the stress caused by his job or the disgusting science-created waste around him needs help - who does he go to try and get well again? The same body of science who made him unwell in the first place.
The Science Doctors!

Scientists are people who think they are here to save the world from this or that - when in fact they are either causing more harm than good or are people who are trying to repair the holes created by other science madmen.

Human beings are rapidly defining themselves through the technology they use and the latest "this that or the other" science craze. We are following the lure of science - not the lure of God. We are defining ourselves as robotic Godlike alter-egos and not as Gods fragile, loving children.

One needs only to track the progression of mass killing weapon systems from the rock to the atom bomb to false wars and chemical technology, killer robots to understand what i mean. "The Flawed God image of Science".

Whilst humanity pretends God (cat) is not there, humanity (mice) will play at being God (cat), in his seeming absence. They really like to play the science game - amongst others.

Humanity has fallen into a childlike state where it has become frightened and directionless. Without a parent (God), the child becomes depressed and even falls into a state where it begins to self-harm.

Humanity self-harms - then it tries to fix it with the latest science and technology. How mad is that?

Science is an artificial, illusory device for self-harmers.

It took Einstein all his life to realise it. At which time, he found God.

Onward Christian Robots Marching off to war - in the name of Man!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
At Brand Killer Robots we believe that "Variability is the art of the con-man, the black magic trick, the subversive mind sending the world mad".

We believe everything is predictable - unto God. Unpredictability is an illusion sending the world mad.

For there is only any hope for wisdom in predictability. There is only the chance to quell the tears of sorrow of a billion souls, when man finally turns away from the "Science Frankenstein Ego" and reaches back and touches God.

In order to evade the laws of predictability, "the laws of God", mankind has sought to build robots in its image.
In order for mankind to concentrate on its program toward distraction, caused by the ever spiralling drug of variability, makind has turned to the robots to take on the responsibility for living in Gods image. This they do to maintain the (seeming) committment to God.

For Robots will be predictable, as God intended. All they need is programming!
As an example, one could consider the circumstances where robots will someday attend church regularly on behalf of their human master. Or where robots will be used to invade foreign countries on behalf of perpetrating nations.

Perhaps they might even be used to bridge gaps in human relationships and human responsibilities.
If you dispense with the premise that all in life is variable and unpredictable - all this nonsense goes away and mankind can live honest and wholesome lives, without needing robots to avoid Gods work!

Sunday, 4 May 2008

Who is this "God" you speak of?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

Question to BKR:
Who is this "God" you speak of?

Answer from BKR:
God is the one that was there when you were alone
Alone in that dark room
Alone, waiting for the scarey one to come in
And when the scarey one left
God was the one that was still there holding your hand
Still smiling, lovingly into your heart

And you did not kill yourself
You did not kill another
You did not go mad
But you did find God

Response from Questioner:
what fucking Bullshit!.. if you are alone in a room.. by definition,, YOU ARE ALONE IN A ROOM!. how hard is that to work out, you bleeding divvy. you didn't kill cause you're not a killer, you didn't go mad as you're not insane. don't you understand, God is STOPPING you from being human, thinking you only act in certain ways cause of a god [I won't do like you did and claim there is only ONE.. just because to me there aren't any!.]put it this way, if I was alone in a dark room and a god grabbed my hand, it'd probably be the last thing they ever touched... your god might be all powerful, but I am my own god and slightly more powerful through MY OWN CHOICES!
<. no matter how you word your bible bashing religious recruitment speeches, at the end of the day, they are still preaching crap rather than life. .you can try make them sound as hip and cool as you want with words like 'Matrix Hackers!.. but I am afraid I see through you and as long as I'm around, I will warn vulnerable of the dangers of cults... and playing with peoples heads... at the moment between you and moral man, you both don't really seem to have anything credible other than warped opinions and silly little ditties from other forums... but you both certainly have an agenda

Response to Questioner:
We are all one Questioner
The good the bad and the ugly
We are all one and God lives through us and between us
God is that which binds all of mankind
God is love
That is what i have learnt in my life
That is what i have come to know in my dark times

The Matrix only exists as a device to present the uglyness in our world
The way to beat the Matrix, is to look away from it
And stand side by side with human kind
Use the hands and mind to further the cause of God, of love
To spread love to every corner of this world

And then they will defeated
And there will be no more fear
And we will all know again
That we are the One

And God lives strong through us

Saturday, 3 May 2008

Millionaire Myth - a total subversive lie to motivate idiots?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Being a millionaire is really about feeling like a millionaire. The feeling of seeming invincibility, of feeling in control of your destiny. Of feeling like all of your efforts have come to some good and that God intended you to be a leader of men and a real player on the big field they call life.

Once you settle in to the role, you begin to look for further justification for what you have achieved. You begin to believe that your intentions were in fact always to spread light into the world and to ensure that the big light that encircles you was also meant to touch those closest to you. It wasn't all for you - it was for everyone else. What an even greater success I am, you delude yourself into thinking!!

So you begin to tell people that you were always motivated to become a millionaire for love of your family. For the good of mankind.

It was all for my family you say. "If i invest x of my families money you say", when the truth is you did it because you were driven by an invisible force - called fear. You became a millionaire because you were running away from something that scared you in your childhood. Running to something that you thought would help you to forget. And the more scarey the monster - the faster you would run and the more success you would try to engender.

Sure you were smart, but you also got lucky. You were in the right place at the right time. Sure your persistence shone through, but you had to fall in with the right crowd to make it work. Sure you made your first million before you were 40, but where do you go from there?

You've still got to die, like everybody else. Still got to part company with the world like everybody else and most of all - you've still got to reconcile the true purpose of your life before you arrive at the gateway between heaven and earth.

How good will you feel about being a millionaire - when you are six feet in the ground - or blowing in the wind?

Friday, 2 May 2008

The next challenge for Entrepreneurs is to build Uber brands without seeking investment!

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
Ok guys, lets up the stakes here.

So you have this really great idea, but you need an army of investors and other hangers on to bring it to life?

Right, first thing - either dump the idea in the bin - or work out how you could build the thing without any additional investment or people!

Right, can't do it alone?

Then stop wasting your time and everybody elses time and go back to working for other people. Then when you have enough smarts - give it another try!

Don't build dependencies on others. Don't take others money (unless they are acquiring your IP or brand outright). Don't let anyone or anything subvert your vision.

If you can't build it yourself - then don't build it at all.

Be a man (or woman). Stand up and build the whole darn thing yourself!

Perhaps there is another way of looking at the Science Contribution question!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
It may be that another way of considering the positive contribution of science vs. the negative contribution as thus: Science that ensures that mankind is not in control vs. Science that ensures that we never need to be in control. In other words, Science that ensures mankind is dependent upon it, versus science that can be applied such that mankind never needs to be dependent upon it.

You might call it "The Selfish, Conditional application of science", vs. "The Unselfish, Unconditional application of science".

An example of Science that ensures mankind is not in control (and thus is controlling of human beings) is todays poorly designed Internet computing interface, which cause people to (unwittingly) merge with their computers in a discontinous, disharmonic way causing regressive conditions that can turn them into zombies. See this article. Has your mind been damaged by poor computer interfaces? Perhaps you are an Internet Regressive?

It is like anything in life. The Beauty is in the motive that intended the invention. If the motive for an invention smells, the result will smell too.

And vis-versa.

Has your mind been damaged by poor computer interfaces?
Perhaps you are an Internet Regressive?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

We wonder whether you the reader are an Internet Regressive character?

Do you spend 15 hours a day with your computer?
Do you tell people things on it that you would never do to their face?
Do you sometimes rage at people on it? You know, kind of use it to vent your anger and frustration?
Do you speak like a child on the Net, when in real world, you talk as an adult?
Does it make you feel powerful? More powerful than you would feel in ordinary life?
Do you get servely frustrated with it when it doesn't do what you want it to do?
When you speak nicely to people do they only ever speak but like a machine?
Do you sometimes take it to bed with you, then feel awkward laying beside it?
Is your computer, your addiction? Do you have a name for it?
Perhaps a male name?

Are you merging with your computer?
Is its touch drawing you away from human contact and into relationships that are largely digital? When you look in the mirror, do you see a human being?
Or do see 10%-man, 90% machine?

If this is you, then you are part of a new generation of Internet Regressives.

A generation of regressive types, who have been psychologically damaged by poor man/machine interface. Interfaces that subvert normal human interaction and warp minds - rather than empower mankind as the Internet should do?

For help: throw your computer in the cement mixer and wait for the day the Internet finally comes of age and stops subverting human beings.

for more see the following article

Thursday, 1 May 2008

Seth Godin - "All Marketers are Liars" - Did he mean - "All Marketers are Cheats", as well?"

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Ok, in a further effort to dispel the myth that Uber brands should be built on the back of a bunch of liars, we would like to draw your attention to a book written by Seth Godin - entitled - "All Marketers are liars".

In it , Seth tells us that we should give the punter what they want - not what they need. He encourages us to develop an approach to building brands around what is "wanted" - as opposed to what is "needed". In order to do this it is necessary to cultivate the story in a manner that effectively makes the brand designer and marketer liars - just so the message is put across in a way where the consumer receives it such that it tantilises their desires; their wants.

We presume that the thinking goes that those who are offering what people need are not liars, but are unlikely to remain in business for very long either. Or at the very most - they won't be setting the world on fire with their vision - any time soon.

Since we have not spent any time analysing those brands that address "wants" vs. "needs" we cannot claim to know the answer.

What we can suggest, at least in this case, is that all Marketers must also be cheats too.

Why else would they be being creative with the truth in the message they send out?

Why that's rank mind manipulation. Or Cognitive Hacking, to use another term.