Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Panentheism - A neutral, dispassionate religion?

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If you don't belong to a religious order or house of God, ordinarily you might be labelled an aethiest - a non-believer. You may or may not care what other people label you, but what if you do care? What if you do believe that there is some higher order that reigns supreme and that this God is greater than the universe and that all the universe, all nature is contained within this God. If you believe that humanity is interconnected by the love of God and that each and every one of us must do our very best to spread this love, without fear for what might happen to us?

Are you still an aetheist, a non-believer?

Perhaps you might decide to choose a religion that is closer to your own world view. Perhaps you might undertake the rituals and take on the symobolism, as a sign of your sincere faith.

That is simply a matter for you!

But what if you are simply unable to find the right match?

If this is you - then you might consider identifying yourself with the belief system called "Panentheism". You can find a definition on the wiki and a list of other links below.

To become a Panentheist, you do not need to attend church, you do not need to read the bible or koran, or any other religious scriptures.

All you need to do is believe in the universal God, the omnipresent God, the God of love. All you need to do is believe that Love is the true force of God in the Universe. A universal energy that interconnects all men and women, by which they share their love to do Gods work.

Panentheism is the neutral religion.

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