Monday, 29 November 2010

Wikileaks Campaign Exposed - Julian Assange

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Is Wikileaks just a disinfo source designed to shape international political landscape? Such disclosures are effectively tainted as soon as they are published given we all know that such dislosures would never ordinarily be allowed to be made.

Gary Mckinnon looks for documents on UFO's. yet Julian Assange is allowed to disclose so called confidential information that disrupts and discredits political process. Must be joking.

Is this campaign yet another attempt to condition people to be apathetic about revelations that they would not otherwise accept?

If everyone is seen as corruptable then when more revelations come people begin to accept them as the norm.

This is exactly the same kind of conditioning that was going on before the Nazi rise to power.

What usually happens is people become apathetic, then there is a crisis and then there is a desire from the people to have that crisis go away so we all look to the heros in the form of shapeshifters at the top.

These shapeshifters will oppress the people more greatly and justify that it is in their best interests.

They will create monsters and then become the rescuers, but there is always a price to pay.

They will make us bow before them, which is why innovation is less about making some money to me and more about fighting for freedom in the future.

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