Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Why science was a bad idea? Einstein would have known it was the road to a self-harming world!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
If i were to study the scientific disciplines i would surely spend my life looking through a microscope at illusions, rather than learning to know and see the world (unhindered by academia) for myself.

When the man who has cancer because of the stress caused by his job or the disgusting science-created waste around him needs help - who does he go to try and get well again? The same body of science who made him unwell in the first place.
The Science Doctors!

Scientists are people who think they are here to save the world from this or that - when in fact they are either causing more harm than good or are people who are trying to repair the holes created by other science madmen.

Human beings are rapidly defining themselves through the technology they use and the latest "this that or the other" science craze. We are following the lure of science - not the lure of God. We are defining ourselves as robotic Godlike alter-egos and not as Gods fragile, loving children.

One needs only to track the progression of mass killing weapon systems from the rock to the atom bomb to false wars and chemical technology, killer robots to understand what i mean. "The Flawed God image of Science".

Whilst humanity pretends God (cat) is not there, humanity (mice) will play at being God (cat), in his seeming absence. They really like to play the science game - amongst others.

Humanity has fallen into a childlike state where it has become frightened and directionless. Without a parent (God), the child becomes depressed and even falls into a state where it begins to self-harm.

Humanity self-harms - then it tries to fix it with the latest science and technology. How mad is that?

Science is an artificial, illusory device for self-harmers.

It took Einstein all his life to realise it. At which time, he found God.

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