Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Onward Christian Robots Marching off to war - in the name of Man!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
At Brand Killer Robots we believe that "Variability is the art of the con-man, the black magic trick, the subversive mind sending the world mad".

We believe everything is predictable - unto God. Unpredictability is an illusion sending the world mad.

For there is only any hope for wisdom in predictability. There is only the chance to quell the tears of sorrow of a billion souls, when man finally turns away from the "Science Frankenstein Ego" and reaches back and touches God.

In order to evade the laws of predictability, "the laws of God", mankind has sought to build robots in its image.
In order for mankind to concentrate on its program toward distraction, caused by the ever spiralling drug of variability, makind has turned to the robots to take on the responsibility for living in Gods image. This they do to maintain the (seeming) committment to God.

For Robots will be predictable, as God intended. All they need is programming!
As an example, one could consider the circumstances where robots will someday attend church regularly on behalf of their human master. Or where robots will be used to invade foreign countries on behalf of perpetrating nations.

Perhaps they might even be used to bridge gaps in human relationships and human responsibilities.
If you dispense with the premise that all in life is variable and unpredictable - all this nonsense goes away and mankind can live honest and wholesome lives, without needing robots to avoid Gods work!

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