Saturday, 3 May 2008

Millionaire Myth - a total subversive lie to motivate idiots?

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Being a millionaire is really about feeling like a millionaire. The feeling of seeming invincibility, of feeling in control of your destiny. Of feeling like all of your efforts have come to some good and that God intended you to be a leader of men and a real player on the big field they call life.

Once you settle in to the role, you begin to look for further justification for what you have achieved. You begin to believe that your intentions were in fact always to spread light into the world and to ensure that the big light that encircles you was also meant to touch those closest to you. It wasn't all for you - it was for everyone else. What an even greater success I am, you delude yourself into thinking!!

So you begin to tell people that you were always motivated to become a millionaire for love of your family. For the good of mankind.

It was all for my family you say. "If i invest x of my families money you say", when the truth is you did it because you were driven by an invisible force - called fear. You became a millionaire because you were running away from something that scared you in your childhood. Running to something that you thought would help you to forget. And the more scarey the monster - the faster you would run and the more success you would try to engender.

Sure you were smart, but you also got lucky. You were in the right place at the right time. Sure your persistence shone through, but you had to fall in with the right crowd to make it work. Sure you made your first million before you were 40, but where do you go from there?

You've still got to die, like everybody else. Still got to part company with the world like everybody else and most of all - you've still got to reconcile the true purpose of your life before you arrive at the gateway between heaven and earth.

How good will you feel about being a millionaire - when you are six feet in the ground - or blowing in the wind?

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