Friday, 2 May 2008

The next challenge for Entrepreneurs is to build Uber brands without seeking investment!

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
Ok guys, lets up the stakes here.

So you have this really great idea, but you need an army of investors and other hangers on to bring it to life?

Right, first thing - either dump the idea in the bin - or work out how you could build the thing without any additional investment or people!

Right, can't do it alone?

Then stop wasting your time and everybody elses time and go back to working for other people. Then when you have enough smarts - give it another try!

Don't build dependencies on others. Don't take others money (unless they are acquiring your IP or brand outright). Don't let anyone or anything subvert your vision.

If you can't build it yourself - then don't build it at all.

Be a man (or woman). Stand up and build the whole darn thing yourself!

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