Tuesday, 13 May 2008

What is Art? Sayings from a Heretical Perspective!

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
Spash liquid on canvas, move it around on the surface, mixing and arranging as you go. When finished. Call it Art!

What is art? Is art the result of the expression, or the expression itself? Or is Art something much greater? What could that be?

Can Art be measured? If so, how?

How so much an artist is a great and revered painter of royal portraits than the man who carves wooden ornaments so that his family will not starve?

If Art is your motivation, then its expression will be limited. If your motive is an art-form - then your expression will be unlimited.

Todays Artists are conjuerors trying desparately to get somewhere; to articulate a bourgeosie accepted style, through some half baked novel gesture - that they delude themselves into believing is their God-given authentic signature!

The establishments barriers to the acceptence of art forms are subversive devices. They are created in order to drive the art movement, in a particular direction - down a particular line. The language of the Art critic is the language of the devil, the con-man, the fraudster and the self-deluded and deluding bourgeoisie mind.

What is Art if you discard the all too confusing concept of beauty? Tolstoy.
Had he been alive today, he would have almost certainly asked that self same question.

Without gaining a true understanding of beauty, today's Art is just an empty vessel?

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