Thursday, 8 May 2008

FUD Busters: The games Executive Hiring Agents like to play?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

Hi Boss, Ed the hiring agent just called.... he told me something very interesting....


There is something new brewing in the markets
Its going to seriously shakeup the current way we do business
Its going to put a lot of people out of business
But the flip side is, the wealth is going to shift
Its going to shift over to a whole new array of talent
This talent isn't currently recognised
These guys exist, but they are not seen as holding any of the cards
But suddenly, overnight, these guys are going to make it big!

So lets get this right,

The guys with the money now, aren't going to be making any money in the future?
In fact the guys with the money now, are likely to lose their shirts?
Which means that many of the brands around now are going to go out of business?
Or at best, be taken over and supercharged by the new incoming talented executive team?
Who are people with serious smarts and are going to increase their wealth many fold?

Problem with this all is
Who are these guys?
Where are they?
What are they?
When are they going to arrive?

How are they?
If i could find one, i'd look after them very well indeed..........

Problem is... Just who are these guys?

Well wouldn't you know it..... Ed the hiring guy called again and said he was just contacted by a guy - who pretty much fits that profile.

Shall i give him a call Boss and get the guy in for interview?

F.ear + U.ncertainty + D.oubt = You are being suckered!!!

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