Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Robots or Humans:: What designed the 1st Secure Computer?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
When we sent out the challenge to humans around the world (22Nov Article), we never ever thought that we'd get the level of criticism that we did. When we said, " We want you to design an unhackable computer", we never thought that humans would be so cynical, so dis-trusting. We never thought that people would go out of there way to hurt us and we certainly did not understand why so many people got so emotional about it.

Perhaps humans like insecurity. Perhaps they know something that we don't!!!

Well, at much cost to our own robot arms and legs we still say.

"We want you to design an unhackable computer".

We wouldn't ask if we hadn't already discovered the answer.

Its just for some of you "it might just take you the rest of your natural lives to work it out" - (a beautiful mind). Whether you like it or not guys, such a thing exists - all it takes is the will to bring it to market. One thing is for sure, the brand that takes up the challenge will be the one that eventually disrupts the current leaders in the PC software marketplace.

Don't be shy or a spy (we can see you) - for more information on the "ultimate computer" email sryan@intrench.com

Saturday, 23 August 2008

Killer Robots Hack the Living Dead Illusion!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
I remember the day that i became a cynic. It was also the day i felt my spirit die. It was the day i lost something very dear to me.

From that day, i died. From that day i became a contradiction. The Living Dead.

From that day rage grew inside me, as i realised how futile the whole experience was. Guilt pervaded as i was neither motivated to live nor motivated to end my life.

Trapped, my sub-concious mind began to work out a strategy that would eventually turn me into a virtual recluse.

A strategy that would suit my new reality.

The Living Dead.

Then one day i became aware that it was possible for me to disconnect from this existence without taking my own life. I became aware that it is possible for the mind to partition the Living Dead away from the Living and to stand back and watch both paradigms as they play out. I realised that i was not of any part, but that every part was part of me.

I realised that all human kind are both living and dead. In fact we are both alive and not alive. We are neither and all. We just are!

Life and death and loss are illusions. We all - just are - and this will always be!

Friday, 22 August 2008

What's the purpose of Genius? What does Bill Gates and Albert Einstein mean?

Brand Killer Robot reveals::
So what truly is a genius? It is clearly someone with an accute sense of vision and high level of expertise in a particular field. But what truly sets the "nearly geniuses" apart from the "really geniuses" is those amazing "flashes of satori". Those powerful revelations that have the capability to switch, alter, and divert mankind into a different tradjectory from where it was originally bound.

Here are some of the geniuses we know today

Bill Gates
Albert Einstein
Elvis Presley
Tim Berners Lee
Warren Buffet
Winston Churchill
Mohammed Ali
Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
Isaac Asimov
Niels Bohr

Who can deny that any of these people have left an indeliable mark on the world as we know it?
Who can deny that what these people shared and created enormous change ?
Who can deny that these people did what they did - with the purest of intent?

But lets look a little closer at some of the change, brought forth by these heros
1. Human vulnerabilities created by independence on technology that is not safe and secure
2. Spiralling effects of Science (we create mad science that kills, then we create new science to counter the mad science that kills).
3. Creation of killing devices, atom bombs, chemical warfare, killer robots etc
4. Advancement of paranoiac mechanisms to increase control of humanity (surveillance big brother)
5. Disruption of peoples identity from the real world, into an illusory life of celebrity, art and illusory heros
6. Elitest education systems that impose rigid structures and disuades students from developing their own minds and their own confidences
7. To fuel the desire for concentration on money and power as the primary purpose for all existence
8. The resourcing of evil men and the investment in war mongers
9. The movement toward absolute scientific conciousness and away from spirituality and God.
10. Entertainment science, fame and "success disease" that distracts us and disengages the spirit from who we truly are and our real purpose in life.
11. The support for protocols that are inaccessible to only but a select few, for style over substance and for aestethically rich or pretentious artifacts over art that will truly benefit mankind.
12. The unbridled striving for intellectual prizes without thought for the consequences to giving life to the creation.
"Imagination without reason is a monsterous thing".

Genius is guilty of supporting many attacks on humanity and all natural things. Genius is the narcissistic mind that has run out of control.
In any other world Genius would mean Stupidity!

We ask, "Is Genius a God given thing, or something else?"

Who does genius really serve?

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Investors lose money because executives don't know where they are?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
The company was going through enormous change. Our generation 1 and 2 products were less of an inspiration to our customers now and we were beginning to lose market share. No longer could we sit back on our good name and trust that we would be the supplier of choice. It was now time to look to create the next generation product, the "Version 3".

Immediately we swung into new product development mode. So where do we start, we thought?

What is the key question that we need to ask ourselves before moving forward?

Ok, this is a trick question, because most company's in this position get it absolutely and completely wrong every time and yet the first question that needs answering is also the most important of the lot. The first question is always the killer question. Unanswered, everything else downstream, generally costs you more money, more social anguish and more credibility.

Suffice to say, the company decided to choose the wrong question. They chose, "how do we develop a business case to fund a new product development operation". The right question should have been", "Do the management team of the day, know what type of commercial strategy that this undertaking will require?". In fact this question was put to the executive team, but only after hundreds of thousands of pounds of investment had been expended. What they told us was that this particular project uses a "new product development" strategy and required a solid business case to support the investment.

What we told them was that this project required a "blue ocean" strategy and required a different management team.

Suffice to say, they were not best pleased. But they were at least left with a better version of where they were now.

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Black Hat Self-Defense by Visualisation

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
I recently sat in on a really great lecture by Marketing Guru, Brian Tracy.
This lecture centred on how you can use IDEATION to visualise your way to success. So you might start by visualising what sort of business you might like. Who are the people there? What sorts of things are they doing? What product? Where located? Who are the management team? What strategic plan is in place? Who are the stakeholders? The customers and partners?
Then you might go on to think of the glorious brand you produced. A highly profitable business model with customers that wouldn't do business anywhere else. You are the successful CEO, with leather trimmed room and a huge fat bonus on the way.

So of course, after you have perfected the visualisation routine and your senses are at their greatest height - you are chomping at the bit to get started and make the whole bally show a reality.
So i got to thinking. How could black hats use this in other ways?
I came up with one. It was designed to put hair on the business mans chest and reduce the fear of business failure.

It goes like this...
Instead of visualising the most extraordinary successes ahead of you. Visualise the most castrophic failures.

Woops, there goes my business.
Woops there goes my career.
Woops, there goes all my money and reputation.
Woops, was that my wife that just flew past the window...
Its a really great way of learning about loss. By the time you finished, you've either slit your wrists - or your balls (sorry ladies), just got a lot hairier...

Black Hat Self Defense!

Saturday, 9 August 2008


Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Yesterday, was the day the Beijing Olympics opened. The 8th day or the 8th month of the 8th year of this century. Ravencrew in Hawaii suggested it would be a significant day for a troll fest, but the only significance I could see was it was something to do with 888.com. Its a favourite haunt for the black hat intelligencer.

You don't get into the club unless you have a serious rep. Unless you are prepared to share the money smarts out and are willing to back your story up. We're not talking about making $100. We're talking millions. These guys are all millionaires (or were). From this you can take it that they don't just talk black hat, they actually play the whole game out. They're killers.

THAT DAY, the topic of conversation at the Black Hat Conference, was "The analysis of other Black Conferences" - a serious trolling topic. You see, this black hat conference wasn't a place to share and flex your pectorial muscles. These guys had already made it. This conference was about enjoying giving the unsmart, unrich black hat kids a good kicking. It was an opportunity to kick back and forget the past. A past where black hat meant you were "so deluded by your technical wizardry - to the point where you didn't make any money".

Anyway, they were talking about one particular conference where this guy was demonstrating this new SQL injection attack. He spent about an hour beating about the bush, to end up essentially at the same result. Sure, the hack was well thought out. Sure, it could come in useful, where all else fails. But the truth was, it didn't really mean anything different.

Once his talk was over, he made the fatal mistake of asking the audience for any questions.
Adnar, one of the black hat kind stood up and preceded to lecture the speaker about how he didn't approach the topic well and how he should have prepared better. Both technically and from a financial point of view. In short, he tore the guy to shreds. Apparently, the guy told Adnar that "black hat" wasn't about making money. It was all about finding new cool ways to break things.

He told the audience that Adnar was just a troll and that he didn't know anything about Black Hat. He said "how dare you come here and ask questions like how much money could you make from this hack over other kinds of SQL injection hack. He said "what the hell has money got to do with Black Hat?".

Adnar said that the audience were in hesterics and some of them came up and wanted him to contact them. Which of course he did not. But the point was made, that Black Hat is about making money, which many black hat conferences fail to understand.

Anyway, stay tuned for more of the same...

Brand Killer Robots..

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Hacker Brands: Where the darkness of ignorance and fear will be no more

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We never took anything from anyone that was not meant to further natures wellbeing
We never took anything from anyone, who subsequently lost anything or anyone
We never walked away from anything or anyone, that needed us
We never did anything for anyone, that was meant to destroy
We never explored anything with evil intent

We only ever wanted to help
We only ever wanted to further mankind
We only ever wanted to advance humanity by the continued onslaught of thought (Rutt 2007)
Through magnifying the intensity of the best of human nature onto the target
That target was the place of misery and struggle

We only ever challenged, where challenge was necessary to change people and things for the better
To offer our hands and our minds, so that others might pick themselves up and stand with us
We never wanted to destroy, to disrupt, to discredit without purpose or meaning
We denigrate nothing and we prejuduce nothing
We are here to serve, like an army serves its commander

We are many in number and growing by the day
We have no symbol, no mantra, no place of worship
There is only the alignment of the spirit with the hands and the mind
Only the awareness of lights and darks
And a duty to serve to fill the hearts and minds with enlightenment
And the darkness of ignorance and fear will be no more