Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Black Hat Self-Defense by Visualisation

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I recently sat in on a really great lecture by Marketing Guru, Brian Tracy.
This lecture centred on how you can use IDEATION to visualise your way to success. So you might start by visualising what sort of business you might like. Who are the people there? What sorts of things are they doing? What product? Where located? Who are the management team? What strategic plan is in place? Who are the stakeholders? The customers and partners?
Then you might go on to think of the glorious brand you produced. A highly profitable business model with customers that wouldn't do business anywhere else. You are the successful CEO, with leather trimmed room and a huge fat bonus on the way.

So of course, after you have perfected the visualisation routine and your senses are at their greatest height - you are chomping at the bit to get started and make the whole bally show a reality.
So i got to thinking. How could black hats use this in other ways?
I came up with one. It was designed to put hair on the business mans chest and reduce the fear of business failure.

It goes like this...
Instead of visualising the most extraordinary successes ahead of you. Visualise the most castrophic failures.

Woops, there goes my business.
Woops there goes my career.
Woops, there goes all my money and reputation.
Woops, was that my wife that just flew past the window...
Its a really great way of learning about loss. By the time you finished, you've either slit your wrists - or your balls (sorry ladies), just got a lot hairier...

Black Hat Self Defense!

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