Friday, 22 August 2008

What's the purpose of Genius? What does Bill Gates and Albert Einstein mean?

Brand Killer Robot reveals::
So what truly is a genius? It is clearly someone with an accute sense of vision and high level of expertise in a particular field. But what truly sets the "nearly geniuses" apart from the "really geniuses" is those amazing "flashes of satori". Those powerful revelations that have the capability to switch, alter, and divert mankind into a different tradjectory from where it was originally bound.

Here are some of the geniuses we know today

Bill Gates
Albert Einstein
Elvis Presley
Tim Berners Lee
Warren Buffet
Winston Churchill
Mohammed Ali
Isaac Newton
Charles Darwin
Isaac Asimov
Niels Bohr

Who can deny that any of these people have left an indeliable mark on the world as we know it?
Who can deny that what these people shared and created enormous change ?
Who can deny that these people did what they did - with the purest of intent?

But lets look a little closer at some of the change, brought forth by these heros
1. Human vulnerabilities created by independence on technology that is not safe and secure
2. Spiralling effects of Science (we create mad science that kills, then we create new science to counter the mad science that kills).
3. Creation of killing devices, atom bombs, chemical warfare, killer robots etc
4. Advancement of paranoiac mechanisms to increase control of humanity (surveillance big brother)
5. Disruption of peoples identity from the real world, into an illusory life of celebrity, art and illusory heros
6. Elitest education systems that impose rigid structures and disuades students from developing their own minds and their own confidences
7. To fuel the desire for concentration on money and power as the primary purpose for all existence
8. The resourcing of evil men and the investment in war mongers
9. The movement toward absolute scientific conciousness and away from spirituality and God.
10. Entertainment science, fame and "success disease" that distracts us and disengages the spirit from who we truly are and our real purpose in life.
11. The support for protocols that are inaccessible to only but a select few, for style over substance and for aestethically rich or pretentious artifacts over art that will truly benefit mankind.
12. The unbridled striving for intellectual prizes without thought for the consequences to giving life to the creation.
"Imagination without reason is a monsterous thing".

Genius is guilty of supporting many attacks on humanity and all natural things. Genius is the narcissistic mind that has run out of control.
In any other world Genius would mean Stupidity!

We ask, "Is Genius a God given thing, or something else?"

Who does genius really serve?

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