Saturday, 23 August 2008

Killer Robots Hack the Living Dead Illusion!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
I remember the day that i became a cynic. It was also the day i felt my spirit die. It was the day i lost something very dear to me.

From that day, i died. From that day i became a contradiction. The Living Dead.

From that day rage grew inside me, as i realised how futile the whole experience was. Guilt pervaded as i was neither motivated to live nor motivated to end my life.

Trapped, my sub-concious mind began to work out a strategy that would eventually turn me into a virtual recluse.

A strategy that would suit my new reality.

The Living Dead.

Then one day i became aware that it was possible for me to disconnect from this existence without taking my own life. I became aware that it is possible for the mind to partition the Living Dead away from the Living and to stand back and watch both paradigms as they play out. I realised that i was not of any part, but that every part was part of me.

I realised that all human kind are both living and dead. In fact we are both alive and not alive. We are neither and all. We just are!

Life and death and loss are illusions. We all - just are - and this will always be!

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