Sunday, 5 December 2010

The Optimisation of Commercial Intelligence through the employment of multiple philosophical dispositions.

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
What causes conspiracy theorists to question concensus reality and to hypothesise that the world is just one big revolving door, with the majority of the human race being caught inside?

Whatever it is, we believe that conspiracist psychology has a real part to play in developing alternative competitive intelligence perspectives for industry.

Paranoaic disposition can play a signficant role in the acqusition, interpretation, processing and assessment of effective intelligence.

The CIA and MI6 have had a policy for years which ensures intelligence is derived from assets comprising multiple philosophical dispositions. Many of these dispositions are hostile to the US and UK, but their perspectives are a welcome input to the numerous intelligence thinktanks, operating around the world.

It goes without saying that in order for global brands to fully secure their investments that they must embrace the opportunity to develop resource acquisition policies that lead to the introduction of multiple philosophical dispositions into the process.

Never has this been more important, given the rise of China and India as economic powerhouses.

Choose your analysts carefully. If you hire analysts with the same background as you - don't be surprised when they don't churn out anything new!

Looking to hire multiple philosophical dispositions? email:

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Conspiracy Hackers question the existence of The Matrix

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Isn't it the truth that the enlightened soul, knows no content?

Isn't it the truth that the dreamworld that has been exposed and we believe to be real - is just that - A dreamworld?

Isn't it the truth that there IS no REAL content, because it is all just one big bloody illusion?

So in that case - what have Conspiracists and Information Warriors got left to say?

The content they call the Matrix just doesn't exist.

Are they witnessing this illusion through a self-constructed, self-fulfilling lens.

A kaleidescope of dislocated truths for the common man to peer into and become entrenched by the art of the black magician?

Are they cracking the matrix? Or constructing it?

And in so doing, serving to Construct this Matrix in the mind of the common man.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Psychology behind Brand Killer Robots

Brand Killer Robots 'Electronic Self' has many parallels with Salvador Dali's Surrealist technique paranoiac-critical method.

Brand killer robots likens Dali's paranoiac-critical method to a psyhological moribund known as electronic self affliction which is a psychological state of  electronic entrenchment that can only be described as living a life full of perpetual near life and near death experiences.

Brand Killer Robots uses the state of electronic self affliction to perceive pathological threats to the world organization.

Paranoiac-critical method is the ability of the brain to perceive links between things which rationally are not linked. Dalí described the paranoiac-critical method as a "spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic objectivity of the associations and interpretations of delirious phenomena."

Dali said "I believe that the moment is at hand when by a paranoiac and active advances of the mind it is possible (simultaneously with automatism and other passive states) to systematize confusion and thus help to discredit completely the world of reality.

Dali sought to create in his art a specific documentation of Freudian theories which he applied to his own inner world. He started a painting with the first image that came to mind and went on from one association to the next, multiplying images of persecution and megalomania, like a true paranoiac.

He defined his paranoiac critical method of irrational knowledge based upon the interpretative critical association of delirious phenomena.

Using Dali's methods and our understanding of electronic self affliction it is possible to perceive threats to the world and/or commercial organization, working on limited behavioral data - sometimes years in advance. Our results enable security leaders to see the full scope of the vulnerability matrix and to rationalize counter-measures and contingencies to mitigate the risk of them occurring - or at the very least - limiting their impact. Scenarios are developed and presented in visual format so that security managers can begin to work on counter-measures.

Our Research in the field of security intelligence is concentrated on identifying areas of pathological activity contributing to vulnerabilities (such as false flags) in matrix systems including:

Malignant Narcissism, Self-Hatred, Self-Ambushing, Internet Regression, Passive-Aggressiveness, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder , Megalomania, Agoraphobia, Major Depressive Disorder, Arrogance, Cowardice, Intolerance, Neurosis (Neurotic), Mania, Procrastination, Alienation (No Id), Irrationality, Repression, Abused (Victim), Dreamer, Distracted, Illusionist, Detached, Fantasist, Cavalier, Beastliness, Social Anxiety Disorder, Structurialism, Virtual, Perfectionism, Strategic Eye, Panentheist outlook and General Whackomania!

Malignant Narcissism
Malignant narcissism is considered a cross breed of narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, and paranoid traits. The malignant narcissist differs from narcissistic personality disorder in that the malignant narcissist derives higher levels of psychological gratification from accomplishments over time (thus worsening the disorder). Because the malignant narcissist becomes more involved in this psychological gratification, they are apt to develop the antisocial, the paranoid, and the schizoid personality disorders. The term malignant is added to the term narcissist to indicate that individuals with this disorder tend to worsen in their impulse controls and desires over time. Sexual Promiscuity is often associated with this disorder, but is not always the case.

Self-hatred, self-loathing, also sometimes autophobia refers to an extreme dislike of oneself, or being angry at oneself.

Attacks the Self by ambushing its progress, at every turn

A form of schizophrenia characterised by a slowly progressive deterioration of the personality involving delusions and hallucinations. A mental disorder characterised by any of several types of delusion in which the personality otherwise remains relatively intact. Intense fear and suspicion - when unfounded.

Internet Regression
A generation of regressive types, who have been psychologically damaged by poor man/machine interface.

Passive-aggressive behavior refers to passive, sometimes obstructionist resistance to following authoritative instructions in interpersonal or occupational situations. It can manifest itself as resentment, stubbornness, procrastination, sullenness, or repeated failure to accomplish requested tasks for which one is assumed, often explicitly, to be responsible. It is a defense mechanism and more often than not only partly conscious. For example, people who are passive-aggressive might take so long to get ready for a party they do not wish to attend that the party is nearly over by the time they arrive.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is a psychiatric anxiety disorder most commonly characterized by a subject's obsessive, distressing, intrusive thoughts and related compulsions (tasks or "rituals") which attempt to neutralize the obsessions.

Mental disorder producing delusions of grandeur. Passion for grandiose schemes.

Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder, often precipitated by the fear of having a panic attack in a setting from which there is no easy means of escape. As a result, sufferers of agoraphobia may avoid public and/or unfamiliar places. In severe cases, the sufferer may become confined to their home, experiencing difficulty traveling from this "safe place."

Major Depressive Disorder
Major depressive disorder, also known as major depression, unipolar depression, clinical depression, or simply depression, is a psychiatric disorder characterized by a pervasive low mood, loss of interest in a person's usual activities and diminished ability to experience pleasure

ArrogantAr"ro*gance\, n. [F., fr. L. arrogantia, fr. arrogans. See Arrogant.] The act or habit of arrogating, or making undue claims in an overbearing manner; that species of pride which consists in exorbitant claims of rank, dignity, estimation, or power, or which exalts the worth or importance of the person to an undue degree; proud contempt of others; lordliness; haughtiness; self-assumption; presumption.

Coward –noun
1.a person who lacks courage in facing danger, difficulty, opposition, pain, etc.; a timid or easily intimidated person. –adjective
2.lacking courage; very fearful or timid.
3.proceeding from or expressive of fear or timidity: a coward cry.

1. not tolerating or respecting beliefs, opinions, usages, manners, etc., different from one's own, as in political or religious matters; bigoted.
2. unable or unwilling to tolerate or endure (usually fol. by of): intolerant of very hot weather. –noun
3. an intolerant person; bigot.

Neurosis (Neurotic)
Any of various mental or emotional disorders, such as hypochondria or neurasthenia, arising from no apparent organic lesion or change and involving symptoms such as insecurity, anxiety, depression, and irrational fears, but without psychotic symptoms such as delusions or hallucinations. No longer in scientific use.

1. lacking in knowledge or training; unlearned: an ignorant man.
2. lacking knowledge or information as to a particular subject or fact: ignorant of quantum physics.
3. uninformed; unaware.
4. due to or showing lack of knowledge or training: an ignorant statement.
Synonyms 1. uninstructed, untutored, untaught. Ignorant, illiterate, unlettered, uneducated mean lacking in knowledge or in training. Ignorant may mean knowing little or nothing, or it may mean uninformed about a particular subject: An ignorant person can be dangerous. I confess I'm ignorant of mathematics. Illiterate originally meant lacking a knowledge of literature or similar learning, but is most often applied now to one unable to read or write: necessary training for illiterate soldiers. Unlettered emphasizes the idea of being without knowledge of literature: unlettered though highly trained in science. Uneducated refers especially to lack of schooling or to lack of access to a body of knowledge equivalent to that learned in schools: uneducated but highly intelligent. 2. unenlightened

An excessively intense enthusiasm, interest, or desire; a craze: a mania for neatness.
Psychiatry A manifestation of bipolar disorder, characterized by profuse and rapidly changing ideas, exaggerated sexuality, gaiety, or irritability, and decreased sleep.

1. to defer action; delay: to procrastinate until an opportunity is lost. –verb (used with object)
2. to put off till another day or time; defer; delay.

1. a resident born in or belonging to another country who has not acquired citizenship by naturalization (distinguished from citizen).
2. a foreigner.
3. a person who has been estranged or excluded.
4. a creature from outer space; extraterrestrial. –adjective
5. residing under a government or in a country other than that of one's birth without having or obtaining the status of citizenship there.
6. belonging or relating to aliens: alien property.
7. unlike one's own; strange; not belonging to one: alien speech.
8. adverse; hostile; opposed (usually fol. by to or from): ideas alien to modern thinking.
9. extraterrestrial.
[A Person who has no Identity, or one that they wish to avoid]

0. Affected by loss of usual or normal mental clarity; incoherent, as from shock.
1. without the faculty of reason; deprived of reason.
2. without or deprived of normal mental clarity or sound judgment.
3. not in accordance with reason; utterly illogical: irrational arguments.
4. not endowed with the faculty of reason: irrational animals.
5. Mathematics.
a.(of a number) not capable of being expressed exactly as a ratio of two integers.
b. (of a function) not capable of being expressed exactly as a ratio of two polynomials.
6. Algebra. (of an equation) having an unknown under a radical sign or, alternately, with a fractional exponent.
7. Greek and Latin Prosody.
a. of or pertaining to a substitution in the normal metrical pattern, esp. a long syllable for a short one.
b. noting a foot or meter containing such a substitution. –noun
8. Mathematics. irrational number.

characterized by or showing the suppression of impulses or emotions; "her severe upbringing had left her inhibited"; "a very inhibited young man, anxious and ill at ease"; "their reactions were partly the product of pent-up emotions"; "repressed rage turned his face scarlet"

Abused (Victim)
Abuse refers to the use or treatment of something (a person, item, substance, concept, or vocabulary) that is seen as harmful. At a very young age, this abuse can be repressed and only become apparent to the victim, when they find themselves in emotional turmoil, sometimes many years into their adult life.

1. a person who dreams.
2. a person who lives in a world of fantasy; one who is impractical and unrealistic.
3. a person whose ideas or projects are considered audacious or highly speculative; visionary.

One that dreams.
A visionary.
An idealist.
A habitually impractical person.

someone who is dreaming
someone guided more by ideals than by practical considerations [syn: idealist]
a person who escapes into a world of fantasy [syn: escapist]

A visionary; one lost in wild imaginations or vain schemes of some anticipated good; as, a political dreamer.

In a state of sulky dissatisfaction

1. To draw apart or away; to divide; to disjoin.
A city . . . distracted from itself. --Fuller.
2. To draw (the sight, mind, or attention) in different directions; to perplex; to confuse; as, to distract the eye; to distract the attention.
Mixed metaphors . . . distract the imagination. --Goldsmith.
3. To agitate by conflicting passions, or by a variety of motives or of cares; to confound; to harass.
Horror and doubt distract His troubled thoughts. --Milton.
4. To unsettle the reason of; to render insane; to craze; to madden; -- most frequently used in the participle, distracted.
A poor mad soul; . . . poverty hath distracted her. --Shak.

1. a person with unusual powers of foresight [syn: visionary]
2. someone who performs magic tricks to amuse an audience [syn: magician]

Philosophy An adherent of the doctrine of illusionism.
An artist whose work is marked by illusionism.
A magician or ventriloquist.

1. a conjurer or magician who creates illusions, as by sleight of hand.
2. an adherent of illusionism

The act or process of disconnecting or detaching; separation.
The state of being separate or detached.
Indifference to or remoteness from the concerns of others; aloofness.
Absence of prejudice or bias; disinterest.

1. the act of detaching.
2. the condition of being detached.
3. aloofness, as from worldly affairs or from the concerns of others.
4. freedom from prejudice or partiality.
5. the act of sending out a detached force of troops or naval ships.
6. the body of troops or ships so detached.

a person who writes or composes fantasies or fantasias in music, poetry, or the like.

indifferent, offhand, uncaring, thoughtless, condescending.

1. very unpleasant; "hellish weather"; "stop that god-awful racket"
2. resembling a beast; showing lack of human sensibility; "beastly desires"; "a bestial nature"; "brute force"; "a dull and brutish man"; "bestial treatment of prisoners"

1. thrown into a state of disarray or confusion; "troops fleeing in broken ranks"; "a confused mass of papers on the desk"; "the small disordered room"; "with everything so upset" [syn: broken] 2. lacking orderly continuity; "a confused set of instructions"; "a confused dream about the end of the world"; "disconnected fragments of a story"; "scattered thoughts" [syn: confused] 3. not arranged in order

A lack of order or regular arrangement; confusion.
A breach of civic order or peace; a public disturbance.
An ailment that affects the function of mind or body: eating disorders and substance abuse.

To throw into confusion or disarray.
To disturb the normal physical or mental health of; derange.

Social Anxiety Disorder (also known as Social Phobia)
is an anxiety disorder characterized by overwhelming anxiety and excessive self-consciousness in everyday social situations. Social phobia can be limited to only one type of situation — such as a fear of speaking in formal or informal situations, or eating or drinking in front of others — or, in its most severe form, may be so broad that a person experiences symptoms almost anytime they are around other people.

Structuralism is an approach to the human sciences that attempts to analyze a specific field (for instance, mythology) as a complex system of interrelated parts.

1. being such in power, force, or effect, though not actually or expressly such: a virtual dependence on charity.
2. Optics.
a. noting an image formed by the apparent convergence of rays geometrically, but not actually, prolonged, as the image formed by a mirror (opposed to real).
b. noting a focus of a system forming virtual images.
3. temporarily simulated or extended by computer software: a virtual disk in RAM; virtual memory on a hard disk.

1. a person who adheres to or believes in perfectionism.
2. a person who demands perfection of himself, herself, or others. –adjective
3. of, pertaining to, or distinguished by perfection or perfectionism.

Strategic Eye
an expert in strategy, esp. in warfare: Julius Caesar was a great military strategist.

Panentheist outlook!
Panentheism (from Greek πᾶν (pân) "all"; ἐν (en) "in"; and θεός (Theós) "God"; "all-in-God") is a belief system which posits that God exists and interpenetrates every part of nature, and timelessly extends beyond as well. Panentheism is distinguished from pantheism, which holds that God is synonymous with the material universe.[1]
In panentheism, God is viewed as creator and/or animating force behind the universe, and the source of universal truth.

A person who is regarded as eccentric or mad

Monday, 29 November 2010

Wikileaks Campaign Exposed - Julian Assange

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Is Wikileaks just a disinfo source designed to shape international political landscape? Such disclosures are effectively tainted as soon as they are published given we all know that such dislosures would never ordinarily be allowed to be made.

Gary Mckinnon looks for documents on UFO's. yet Julian Assange is allowed to disclose so called confidential information that disrupts and discredits political process. Must be joking.

Is this campaign yet another attempt to condition people to be apathetic about revelations that they would not otherwise accept?

If everyone is seen as corruptable then when more revelations come people begin to accept them as the norm.

This is exactly the same kind of conditioning that was going on before the Nazi rise to power.

What usually happens is people become apathetic, then there is a crisis and then there is a desire from the people to have that crisis go away so we all look to the heros in the form of shapeshifters at the top.

These shapeshifters will oppress the people more greatly and justify that it is in their best interests.

They will create monsters and then become the rescuers, but there is always a price to pay.

They will make us bow before them, which is why innovation is less about making some money to me and more about fighting for freedom in the future.

Why : is why Gods word?

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:
Something caused me to ask why
I don't know what it was
But it changed the way i viewed the world after that
Rather than what, when and how

Something caused me to ask why
I don't know what it was
But it changed the way i viewed the world after that

There are thousands of words on this planet
But the most powerful word
Is why?

Why do i sit here breaking new frontiers?
Why am i even alive still?
Why do we die?
Why, God, Why?

Friday, 26 November 2010

Philosophy of Mathematics - The Death of Mathematics!

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
The reason maths is boring, inaccessible and irrelevant is because mathematics doesn't matter any more. Maybe up to 30 years ago it mattered.

But in the 21st century we already have sufficient calculations to blow up the world, pollute the earth, destroy the animals, cause fiananicial meltdown and turn cows into people.

Mathematics has run its course. Maths has had its day.

The only thing maths can do now is to try and repair the damage it has already caused in the world. But alas we cannot unlearn what is learnt. Unbuild was is built.

History will show that mathematics was very simply a bad idea.

A language of dispair.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Raps Bot : Sniper Attack Methods - Number 1 Cyber Terrorism Threat

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
I've spoken about my system that uses autonomous agents scouring the web for news items and other data in order to predict certain events in the future.

I mentioned in another thread that the system had calculated a 30% threat from foreign cyber terrorism and 70% threat from commercial insider terrorism.

One other threat vector i looked at was in the area of attack methods.

The data threw up three specific attack methodologies
1. Intent toward Face off attacks
2. Intent toward Stepping Stone Attacks
3. Intent toward Sniper Attacks

Face off attacks are where employees of companies attempt to gain some personal advantage by taking the management team head on.

Stepping stone attacks are where an employee carries out a predetermined plan of stealth action over time to gain some personal advantage.

Sniper Attacks are where an employee will concentrate an attack in the most concentrated way at the head of an organisation.

Here are the statisics
Face Off - 34%
Stepping Stone - 20%
Sniper Attacks 46%

When i saw these stats i was totally amazed given i had thought that Face Off attacks would have been more like 60%, Stepping Stone 30% and Sniper 10%.

To me this is a worrying sign as it indicates that disgruntled employees are far more likely to target the head of organisations directly, rather than fight the battle in any other way.

I would say that this data indicates that if we arrive at a point where there is mass redundancies due to UK Government austerity measures, then politicians, head of organisations, celebrities and bankers better ensure they keep their heads down.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Why Mathematics is like an Atom Bomb to children

Brand Killer Robots:

I wonder if the mathematicians behind the atom bomb, ever sought to ask why?

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Raps BOT : Predicts Insider Cyber Terrorism Threat HIGH

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:
I seeded an internet botnet of 10K+ targeted clients which scour the web, scraping and collating conversation data then predicts the national security situation of the UK in 3-6-12 months time.

I started designing this botnet when I worked as a consultant at IBM research in Hursley on persuasive technology projects.

Basically this botnet uses the processing capabilities of 3rd party web servers and clients in order to remain alive. It is totally autonomous meaning I can send it out with commands one month and it returns the next month with the information which my server then crunches to get a prediction.

One vector my botnet has exposed is cyber terrorism risk in the UK. I had expected to almost certainly see that Russia and China were the primary sources of bad actor behaviour. But I was surprised when the prediction of Raps Bot reported that 78% of the cyber threat to national security was going to come from UK citizens, not from foreign shores.

I ran this botnet for 10 months and it basically scraped links using keywords from the relevant forums and social media sites and then followed them and collated the data.

I have a reporting system which produces a map of the main cyber terrorism threats and all the longest tentacles were from insider terrorism orientated threats.

Assessing crime motivation plays a big part in the analysis process and I have to say the system picked up on this extremely well, plotting the main motivation points and then relating them to the data, the location and the context.

Friday, 24 September 2010

No Moral Authority = No Leadership Potential

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:
When we have reached a point in the collective consciousness where there are no wars, no poverty, no unemployment, no homelessness, no environmental destruction, no church supported child abuse, then and only then can we truly say that we are in the presence of great leaders.

Until that time, we will have to be content with being lead by managers of wars, managers of great poverty, managers of unemployment, managers of homelessness, managers of environmental destruction and managers of church supported child abuse.

Where there is no moral authority, there is no strong leadership.

And as for the economy, well we all know that capitalism has been fundamentally undermined by introducing the subversive concept of "the selective bailout".

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Illusory Concept of the Role Model

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
I fear that role models do come and go.
Many are held in the highest regard one minute and torn down the next. 
Our children learn that nothing in life is fixed, even if it appears to be so. 
They will learn that at times they might feel great regard for someone, followed by great disillusionment.
What appears true of someone, isn't true when that someone is fully tested.

Is it not true therefore that the concept of the "role model", is in fact an illusion?
A dishonest perception of someone based on limited data, perhaps dressed up in the colours of the wishful thinking mind.
What measure should we use to validate this role model against another role model?
The concept of role model, is just that - a concept - born of the mind.

I hope that tomorrows leaders will be able to become more than an illusion.

Artwork by Clement Ooi

Friday, 27 August 2010

How to cure 90% of all mental illness

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

Think about this for a moment!
"Me is only the idea i have of myself, suffering other ideas of myself"

Mental illness labels are convenient matrix vocabulary. A way of trying to make the illusion of this or that condition or identity more real.

You are the witness of the play and interplay are you not?

The aestethics of structure and movement are not real because they happen from within your programmed mind.

Step outside the "matrix of me" and there is no anything.

No stress, no anxiety, no depression or no panic attacks.

There is just "You" beyond "You".

Mooji says... "We are before everything, even before ourselves".

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Mathematics = Entrenchment in the Ilusion

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

When the self is not experiencing the truth, it can be found in the mind, playing the game of mathematics. It can be found attempting to reconstruct the truth using artificial mechanisms. Attempting to deconstruct then reconstruct God in mankinds own image.

Why choose to view the world through the man-made paranoid schizophrenia of mathematics, when you can view it from total freedom, from beyond the mind?

Beauty can never be born of the mind. Through calculation, computation or sliderule.

Stop trying so hard to conjure beauty through logic and stand beyond the illusion.

The formula is a device to entrench you in limiting beliefs.

A Beautiful mathematical formula is a limiting device designed to entrench your mind in an ignorant state so that you never experience the truth of enlightenment.

As Tolstoy once said "What is art if you disregard the all too confusing concept of beauty".

Thursday, 8 July 2010

David Cameron's Men of Dissatisfaction descend into anarchy

Brand Killer Robots reveal:

On June 9th, 2009, we published a post entitled David Cameron - Britains Turning Blue thanks to you.

What we didn't realise at the time was that the colour would be more red than blue.

With the recent spat of serial murders by men of dissatisfaction we are beginning to see a trend which is at best worrying and at worst a sign that our society is beginning to descend into anarchy.

This descension begins when leaders have shown sufficient signs of corruption and incompetance and when this is replaced by programmes designed to make the less resourceful in society pay for it.

It is at that point that those less equiped to cope realise they are being asked to pay the price for the games played by those who are more able in our society.

It is as this point that the disabled are further impoverished by the able.

Austerity means nothing to the rich and everything to the poor.

Keep an eye out for more Derrick Bird and Raoul Moat's.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Alleviators Expose BP Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Cover Up

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
A group of British scientists claim that BP are not being honest about the state of the oil spill meaning that many scientists around the world are working on solutions that will in no way alleviate the problem.

This strategy to stifle the truth is slowing down the repair operation and is a consequence of BP attempting a cover up.

The scientists contend that the BP suggestion site at reveals concealment, in so far as the submissions described as "Already Considered" or "Not Possible / Not Feasible" are in fact described in such a way to reveal at best naievity and at worst dishonesty.

A spokesperson for the UK think tank said that a solution could be found very quickly if BP would be honest about the state of the damage to the oil pipe line.

He said, "our scientists have been researching alleviation strategies for this type of failure over many years, but even they cannot supply an effective solution without correct data on the current status of the damage and surrounding conditions.

For more information go to and contact us via the contact form.

Monday, 28 June 2010

Cognitive Hackers Pathology Identified

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Cognitive Hackers hide their pathological traits in a variety of different computer algorithms which are embedded in organizations and household technological systems throughout the world.

Our coding experts have been scanning these systems and building up a profile of these algorithms and we have been working to depict and database these Cognitive Hackers patterns and to characterize them in order to demonstrate them to the rest of the world.
You will find these patterns in highly mesmeric technologies which engage and entrench the human psyche in the product, thus luring the imagination into becoming more and more OWNED by the Cognitive Hacker.

The predominant pattern is that of the seven headed hydra, where severed heads are replicated and multiple hydras can be generated by the system to engage the psyche.

You will also find these perception disengaging hydra patterns in scripts such TV programmes like reality shows, soaps, in video games, online gambling, in pornography, trader application, government databases and insurance underwriting products.

The design of these systems can be analyzed for pathological patterns and determined if Cognitive Hacker patters are present.
Identification and exposure of these demonic patterns will ensure that everyone has the evidence necessary to become sufficiently aware enough to begin the process of eradicating these systems from society.

The seven payloads of the Cognitive Hacker psyche stealers
In order to understand you must first know that each of the seven heads of the hydra hold a potent payload. When the Hydra's jaws bite into the human psyche this payload is delivered to the self. If the psyche is able to severe the neck of the beast, the jaws will still continue to lock on.
These seven payloads are as follows:

1. Induced Lust, Greed, Apathy, Anger
2. Induced Empathy, Voyeurism (using humiliation of others).
3. Induced Escapism
4. Induced Insecurity (Fear, Uncertainity, Doubt)
5. Induced Suggestibility
6. Psychological Entrenchment
7. Obsessive Compulsiveness

Once biten the human psyche becomes totally bewitched and taken over.
It is like a drug, yet more sophisticated because it actually activates people rather than deactivating them (like alchohol or cocaine). It actually turns people into robots who serve the Cognitive Hackers. The most sinister thing of all is that this exploit is perpetrated on humanity in such a way as to never be traceable back to the source. So the robots appear to have manufactured themselves, not by the cold calculating hand of the Cognitive Hackers followers.

It is the perfect hack!!!

There are billions of examples. Look around at the TV programmes and technologies out there. Which ones comprise all or some of the above features?
Apart from turning people into robots, these people like to see how much time they can steal from you. So in the case of a Cognitive Hacker designed video game, publishers actually compete to see how much wasted time they can steal from children and how they might make them do things by including certain features in the game. A certain publisher used to secretly film children playing competitor games to see if they could work out how to design games to engage and entrench their psyche.

What is Captology? A Cognitive Hacker Science.
First, begin to understand how the Cognitive Hacker thinks.
This is what one particular Cognitive Hacker Science organisation says about themselves:

The Stanford Persuasive Technology Lab creates insight into how computing products — from websites to mobile phone software — can be designed to change what people believe and what they do.
Yes, this can be a scary topic: machines designed to influence human beliefs and behaviors. But there's good news. We believe that much like human persuaders, persuasive interactive technologies can bring about positive changes in many domains, including health, business, safety, and education. We also believe that persuasive technology can bring about world peace in 30 years. With such ends in mind, we are creating a body of expertise in the design, theory, and analysis of persuasive technologies, an area called “captology.”

How to recognise Cognitive hacking and what you need to know
It is not enough to understand how to write computer code. You need to understand more than programming. You also need to understand product marketing, strategic warfare, psychological operations and systems integration. There is evidence in the code of a cognitive hack attack, but our analysis is conducted in many other areas, in addition to investigations in code.

Perhaps the best example is of video games. Many of these technologies affect the human psyche. Some just make you lethargic and dosile. Others develop the passive aggressive personality. Others educate young minds in violence, criminality and pornography. An depth analysis of the effects of computers games in terms of their negative social impacts would find many Cognitive Hacker signatures which serve to lure, make dosile and manipulate the human pscyhe. Recognise these Cognitive Hackers patterns?

These signatures are embedded in many products around the world.

Video games - ultimate conditioning device
Video games are very definitely the ultimate in conditioning device.

They maintain the psyche in a heightened state of anxiety, a state of escapism from the real world - which becomes more and more scary to the game player.

Video games become like a drug, because they ensure the gamer becomes more and more addicted - and as we know - addiction has an impact on peoples motivation and their ability to live life to the full and to play a part as constructive citizens.

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Derrick Bird - will the real British terrorist please stand up

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
So why exactly did a middle aged white male British taxi driver wake up one morning, take a rifle in hand and go and murder 12 innocent citizens in a host of sleepy villages across the county of Cumbria in June 2010?

There has been huge speculation as to why Derrick Bird did what he did.

But why exactly did this man do what he did?

Could it be that he suffered an emotional breakdown which triggered him in to doing what he did?

Where most other breakdown sufferers are disabled by their negative feelings, this man may have been empowered by them.

My own research suggests that people react in four possible ways to emotional breakdown.

1. People harm or kill other people
2. People commit suicide
3. People go slowly mad
4. People find spirituality

It would seem that Derrick Bird fell into category 1 and 2, whereas most emotional breakdown sufferers tend toward a lifetime of regressive insanity.

Society clearly has a role to play in identifying and arresting the kind of distructive disposition of Derrick Bird.

If society becomes less caring, less cohesive we are likely to see many more Derrick Bird's. Many more innocent victims and much more suffering.

There is only one way for society to alleviate this kind of suffering and that is for it to rise to spirituality again.

Peace be with you brothers and sisters

Monday, 17 May 2010

Why is Art?

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

to tear reality apart and
put it back together again 
in an entirely new light

Thursday, 13 May 2010

No Overall Control Party Launches on Facebook

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:
In British politics in particular we are beginning to see the sharing of the reins of power, largely because the general public believe that no one party can be trusted with Overall Control. Whilst we as citizens vote for one party, as a collective we believe that no one party should have overall control.

What we have witnessed in the past week with the British General Election resulting in a coalition between Liberal Democrats and the Conservative party is further evidence of that.

We say, "let there be rejoicing in the streets of the realization that the many are greater than the few".

If you would like to join the No Overall Control Party which was launched on Facebook before the UK General Election .... Go Here.

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Lord Digby Jones - Its back to the Victorian Poor Houses for the Unemployed!

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Lord Digby Jones is one of the guys who has precided over the greed ridden bankrupt society we have here in the UK. On a recent BBC Panorama documentary he spoke to two young unemployed people and told them that if he had his way they'd effectively starve if they didn't find work. The two guys in question had found finding a job extremely difficult but when they did find work the employers kept them for a short time and then laid them off. This kind of thing goes on all the time and many people effectively lose confidence in themselves and any trust in employers. This sends them into a spiral of unemployment that they find hard to get out off.

When they go to the job centre there are very few jobs and very few programmes to help them back to work.

Just walk into one of these places. There is no real engagement with your situation, no creative ideas,  no proactive efforts to resolve your problems and no consistent, sincere support by employers to offer sustainable employment to the unemployed.

So in the 21st century the supposed leading lights of the business community offers autocratic, short sharp shock tactics that have more chance of causing riots and criminality than getting people back to work.

This is the level of intelligence and morality we are working with here guys.

So much for Lord Digby Jones.

Digby Jones told the guys that they should tidy themselves up. Well......he should look in the mirror... lol
Mr Feather head.

BBC report here:

Thursday, 15 April 2010

Enlightenment is not the End. It is a new beginning!

Brand Killer Robots reveal:

With spiritual freedom comes great power and responsibility
Each spark of the iternal flame cannot escape from the responsibility it has to all the other sparks.
Enlightenment is not an end
It is a beginning
Enlightenment begins by healing the near
But continues to spread its light both near and far
Shalt thou be saved
and hear the whole world cry?
The journey begins with a few pointers, like mooji
and ends with 6 billions pointers to the truth
and at that time
there will be no suffering

Thursday, 1 April 2010

BKR salutes Alex Dragulescu - Computer Virus Artist

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:

Alex Dragulescu

The man with both vision and fingers.

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Is your Career on the Train Tracks?

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
I remember saying to someone that working for other people was a bit like being on a train track.

First you start off watching the train pull out of the station
Then you get on the train
Then after a while you know where you are heading and you are running ahead of the train
As your career progresses you get further and further ahead of the train
After a while you start tripping over things on the track and the train begins to catch up on you
So you run faster and faster to keep ahead of the train
But then you start tripping over more and more, but you still stay ahead

Then the worse thing happens to you
You see a train coming towards you in the distance
It is on the same track
It gets faster and faster
You suddenly realise that you have to get off this track
But realise you cannot get off, Something is holding you on
You trip over and trip over until the train behind starts to nudge you painfully
But then the train coming towards you just careers into you
Right at the same time the train from the back hits you

Its dark in here.

Later note:
the train coming from behind is the pain, discomfort and negative sensations of the body
the train coming toward is the fear of loss caused by loss of hope and expectation, disallusionment, disappointment, humiliation, shame, grief, guilt and identity.

mooji says of pain and suffering
it is as though conciousness creates a sense of struggle in order to experience transcending it

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Love and Healing: The greatest achievement in the 3rd Millenium

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

What is the greater achievement in life
Starting something?
Finishing something?
Creating something?
Removing something?

For me the greatest achievement lies in
Healing something

But this world is fixated on starting, building, removing and finishing.
Is there a place for healing?
For taking the broken flower and giving it new life?

Friday, 5 February 2010

Selective Capitalist Bailouts and new challenges for Competitive Intelligence?

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:

The new capitalist paradigm introduces new challenges where some players are allowed to be bailed-out, where others have no choice but to sink or swim.

Not that this hasn't always been the case, only that those who are allowed to be bailed-out today are now much more visible about doing so. It seems to me that this in itself will call into question the motivation and ethicality of every business owner and employee on this planet.

Are we therefore entering a new paradigm?

A "Selective Bail-out form of capitalism and what new challenges does that bring to the Competitive Intelligence community?

Monday, 1 February 2010

Can you turn markets on their head? Do you believe in Competitive Intelligence genius?

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
So what would this CI genius look like?

Would they be man or woman?
Young or old?
Would they be an MBA or Non-MBA?
Academically minded or Hacker?

What ingredients would the CI genius have?
Would they be strategic marketers?
Business Intelligence specialists?
Covert operatives?
Or all Three?

What makes Competitive Intelligence?
Is it the choreography of Competitive Intelligence?
The geography of Competitive Intelligence?
Or is it simply one paragraph of information that can turn markets on their head?

Can you turn markets on their head?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Human Beings taunt Artificial Intelligence Robotics!

Brand Killer Robots reveals:

I met a robot, its name was Ralf
This robot was a leadership robot
It was programmed with goals
It was programmed with trajectories
It had a timeline for a brain

One day ole Ralf malfunctioned
We were left wondering what to do
So we conjured shared vision
And chopped old Ralf in two

Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Truth about Religious Celebrity

Brand Killer Robots Reveals:

You don't need any help do you?
You are your own worst enemy.

Thursday, 7 January 2010

Chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms caused by poor technology?

Brand Killer Robots Reveal::

Has your mind become damaged by poor computer interfaces?

If so, you may be suffering from chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

Do you spend 15 hours a day with your computer?
Do you tell people things on it that you would never tell to their face?
Do you sometimes rage at people on it? You know, kind of use it to vent your anger and frustration?
Do you speak like a child on the Net, when in real world, you talk as an adult?
Does it make you feel powerful? More powerful than you would feel in ordinary life?
Do you get servely frustrated with it when it doesn't do what you want it to do?
When you speak nicely to people do they only ever speak but like a machine?
Do you sometimes take it to bed with you, then feel awkward laying beside it?
Is your computer, your addiction? Do you have a name for it?
Perhaps a male name or Roman God?

Are you merging with your computer?

Is its touch drawing you away from human contact and into relationships that are largely digital?
When you look in the mirror, do you see a human being?
Or do you see 10%-man, 90% machine?

If this is you, then you are part of a new generation of Internet Regressives.

A generation of regressive types, who have been psychologically damaged by poor man/machine interface. Interfaces that subvert normal human interaction and warp minds - rather than empower mankind as technology should be designed to do?

For help: throw your computer in the cement mixer and wait for the day the Internet finally comes of age and stops subverting your mind.

for more see the following article