Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Is your Career on the Train Tracks?

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
I remember saying to someone that working for other people was a bit like being on a train track.

First you start off watching the train pull out of the station
Then you get on the train
Then after a while you know where you are heading and you are running ahead of the train
As your career progresses you get further and further ahead of the train
After a while you start tripping over things on the track and the train begins to catch up on you
So you run faster and faster to keep ahead of the train
But then you start tripping over more and more, but you still stay ahead

Then the worse thing happens to you
You see a train coming towards you in the distance
It is on the same track
It gets faster and faster
You suddenly realise that you have to get off this track
But realise you cannot get off, Something is holding you on
You trip over and trip over until the train behind starts to nudge you painfully
But then the train coming towards you just careers into you
Right at the same time the train from the back hits you

Its dark in here.

Later note:
the train coming from behind is the pain, discomfort and negative sensations of the body
the train coming toward is the fear of loss caused by loss of hope and expectation, disallusionment, disappointment, humiliation, shame, grief, guilt and identity.

mooji says of pain and suffering
it is as though conciousness creates a sense of struggle in order to experience transcending it

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