Thursday, 2 December 2010

Conspiracy Hackers question the existence of The Matrix

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Isn't it the truth that the enlightened soul, knows no content?

Isn't it the truth that the dreamworld that has been exposed and we believe to be real - is just that - A dreamworld?

Isn't it the truth that there IS no REAL content, because it is all just one big bloody illusion?

So in that case - what have Conspiracists and Information Warriors got left to say?

The content they call the Matrix just doesn't exist.

Are they witnessing this illusion through a self-constructed, self-fulfilling lens.

A kaleidescope of dislocated truths for the common man to peer into and become entrenched by the art of the black magician?

Are they cracking the matrix? Or constructing it?

And in so doing, serving to Construct this Matrix in the mind of the common man.

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