Thursday, 10 June 2010

Derrick Bird - will the real British terrorist please stand up

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
So why exactly did a middle aged white male British taxi driver wake up one morning, take a rifle in hand and go and murder 12 innocent citizens in a host of sleepy villages across the county of Cumbria in June 2010?

There has been huge speculation as to why Derrick Bird did what he did.

But why exactly did this man do what he did?

Could it be that he suffered an emotional breakdown which triggered him in to doing what he did?

Where most other breakdown sufferers are disabled by their negative feelings, this man may have been empowered by them.

My own research suggests that people react in four possible ways to emotional breakdown.

1. People harm or kill other people
2. People commit suicide
3. People go slowly mad
4. People find spirituality

It would seem that Derrick Bird fell into category 1 and 2, whereas most emotional breakdown sufferers tend toward a lifetime of regressive insanity.

Society clearly has a role to play in identifying and arresting the kind of distructive disposition of Derrick Bird.

If society becomes less caring, less cohesive we are likely to see many more Derrick Bird's. Many more innocent victims and much more suffering.

There is only one way for society to alleviate this kind of suffering and that is for it to rise to spirituality again.

Peace be with you brothers and sisters

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