Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Cognitive Hacking by Media driving down market confidence

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Just heard an interview on the BBC with someone called "Professor West" - a "recession psychologist".

Apparently all that is required to improve the confidence in the markets is something called LEADERSHIP.

The BBC commentator was interested in this new concept and wanted to know more.

The Professor went on to say that the apocalyptic imagery generated by the media was a big part of the downturn in the markets along with the fact that our leaders (with a small l) don't understand how to lead.

The presenter went on to say that a big part of the problem was the uncertainty that politicians had to deal with.

The professor quoted Winston Churchill as someone who managed to overcome adversity.

The report finished with the BBC switching to more doom and gloom about the markets.

More LEADERSHIP please, less anxiety generating MEDIA PORNOGRAPHY.

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