Friday, 10 October 2008

A story about the A, B and C Power Triangle of Revolution

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
What we must be careful of is becoming part of a power triangle and in so doing deploying our forces at the wrong target.
Such is the power of indirection to achieve such a thing.

Once upon a time there was a group of 3 people known as A, B and C.

A didn't like C, so A whispered in B's ear, and said "go and attack C, but never tell him that i, A, told you to do so.

So sure enough, under the cover of night B attacked C. Luckily for C, C saw B running away from the crime scene.

Under such circumstances who would you expect C to attack?

B right?

Well in fact C had rumbled what was going on and swiftly went after A.

C had worked out long ago who was the real instigator.

And this is the problem with insurrection, with revolution.

You got to know who the real target it....and up til now.

You don't!

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