Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hacker Researchers publish a book of subversive content

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We thought it would be a good idea to write and release a satirical Ebook which attacks the conspiratorial franchise known as...

"The Matrix".

This book offers a working example of how a brand can be devalued by using subversive materials. "The Matrix" franchise was chosen because it is in itself a subversive construct.

Here is the editorial review:

The book that was written to expose the evil-minded absurdity fueling the MATRIX. A Virtual Construct unveiled to the world under the guise of setting humanity free, when all along designed to enslave us all with the notion that we are all powerless in the face of an all-consuming, yet faceless enemy. Making us easy prey for the biggest con-men of all - Our own inner fear demons! See the lie through the eyes of a group of teen hackers. “White hats” involved in a struggle against the all powerful global syndicate of “Black hats”. Learn the ways of a new type of hacker.

The Illusion Shattering Matrix Hacker!

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