Monday, 29 September 2008

Conspiracy Theorists Exposed - The Matrix is a Con Trick!

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
I listen to people like Alex Jones and what i see is someone who is fueling that very fear and separation that he is warning against.

These guys are agents who are fanning the flames of fear and mistrust.

By doing so, they serve the cause that wishes to create as much anxiety as possible in the minds of the masses and in so doing make the worlds population susceptible to even greater control.

The Matrix is a fabricated construct designed to trick our imaginations into believing that it is real. It is like a paranoiac lens or filter that is placed inside the imagination to get us to think that we are constantly under attack. This paranoiac device serves to create fear and in so doing disrupts the internal trust system of every man and woman on this planet.

We are being set-up. The Matrix is an illusory device designed to manipulate the imagination, with some real props thrown in to give it credibility.

The Matrix is much easier to hack than people might think.

We just need to ask. Exactly what is the Matrix?

This is the work of Genius, but once you have the key.

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