Sunday, 26 October 2008

George Galloway : Can the TRUTH be only found in YES or NO answers?

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You may remember the time George Galloway was summoned to the U.S to stand before a committee of officials on the grounds of financial irregularities with transactions concerning Iraq. I remember one of the officials trying to back him into a corner with a yes or no answer.
To which he continued to reply:::::


There was nothing they could say to him - because he was steadfast that he would give them something better in return for their question. He was going to give them the truth.
My point is that he wasn't avoiding telling the truth. He was avoiding being locked into a trajectory that was designed to manipulate him and in fact extract false truth.

He recognised that the world is not duality.

The world is more than yes or no, good or bad, beauty or ugliness. To get to the truth, one must see past the mental filter of duality that we have all been programmed to believe.

Friday, 17 October 2008

War on the Unconscious Mind?

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We have heard many people refer to the human struggle to survive as "the War on the Unconscious mind".

If people were truly conscious then the world as it is, would not concern them.

They would rise above their physical, intellectual and emotional vehicles.
They would rise above world events and crises.
They would become disinterested in all but radiating love.

They would rise to a level of consciousness beyond all worldly matters.

Of life and of death. Of conflict and poverty.

Conflict, uncertainty and conspiracy are all attributes of the unconscious mind.

So when people awake, let them awake to consciousness

Not to another space in the "base", unconscious mind.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Stop Believing and Start Knowing thru Knowing

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In a recent post we offered the statement, "Belief is a box on your head".

Our point was to emphasize how damaging belief is to humanity and how knowing differs greatly from the billions or so "belief systems" being pushed out there.

A kindly soul offered these words:
Knowing is rooted in experience, and is therefore different from belief.
Knowing is essentially an intuitive experience, and Intuition is the soul's power of knowing God.

If you stop concentrating on believing, you will begin to know.
All it takes is sitting still and listening deeply for the chatter of the soul.

God is talking to us all the time. We are just too busy to hear.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

The BBC suffers from Silo-itus

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You will also find that the great BBC organization suffers from what we call


There are horizontal silos and vertical silos at the BBC.

It is in the interstices between silos where the problems occur.

The organization is so big that the BBC suffers from a lack of effective risk management. Risks can seem insignificant at one level, but when you develop risk scenarios, you realize that a small risk in one silo can have a catastrophic effect on the organization as a whole.

Of course these kinds of risks are rarely identified by those inside, which is why we have called for the appointment of independent auditors to the BBC organization.

Sunday, 12 October 2008

Anonymous - Anarchist Legions lead you deep into the Matrix

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Anonymous is a subversive group that has been trying to recruit hackers to attack the Church of Scientology.

They seek to provide a platform for war games, to set people against people.

They are a group of propagandists and as such worship power and because of this should never be trusted.

Anonymous is of the same kind as those who are behind the scenes.

They are secretive, they are hidden. They are the anonymous.

Their kind should never be trusted.

All belief is a box on your head.

Brand Killer Robots reveal:

All belief is a box on your head.

If you believe.

The Matrix has you!

Friday, 10 October 2008

A story about the A, B and C Power Triangle of Revolution

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What we must be careful of is becoming part of a power triangle and in so doing deploying our forces at the wrong target.
Such is the power of indirection to achieve such a thing.

Once upon a time there was a group of 3 people known as A, B and C.

A didn't like C, so A whispered in B's ear, and said "go and attack C, but never tell him that i, A, told you to do so.

So sure enough, under the cover of night B attacked C. Luckily for C, C saw B running away from the crime scene.

Under such circumstances who would you expect C to attack?

B right?

Well in fact C had rumbled what was going on and swiftly went after A.

C had worked out long ago who was the real instigator.

And this is the problem with insurrection, with revolution.

You got to know who the real target it....and up til now.

You don't!

Thursday, 9 October 2008

Grid Obscurity is the mother of all security

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What is hidden, or secret, or subverted, or partially known cannot be captured, recorded or played back. These are the special inner things that give human kind the edge.

The result of Artificial intelligence is a computer program that simulates and articulates the real world. This "AI" represents a few programmers interpretation of 6 billion people. These 6 billion people will have multiple perspectives, dependent on mood swings and many will have multiple personalities.

So to try and simulate the whole of humanity accurately - would not be possible.

To do that, you would have to hold captive the collective human consciousness.

And only God can do that.

There isn't a Dell PC out there that could do it.

Thank you God.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Cognitive Hacking by Media driving down market confidence

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Just heard an interview on the BBC with someone called "Professor West" - a "recession psychologist".

Apparently all that is required to improve the confidence in the markets is something called LEADERSHIP.

The BBC commentator was interested in this new concept and wanted to know more.

The Professor went on to say that the apocalyptic imagery generated by the media was a big part of the downturn in the markets along with the fact that our leaders (with a small l) don't understand how to lead.

The presenter went on to say that a big part of the problem was the uncertainty that politicians had to deal with.

The professor quoted Winston Churchill as someone who managed to overcome adversity.

The report finished with the BBC switching to more doom and gloom about the markets.

More LEADERSHIP please, less anxiety generating MEDIA PORNOGRAPHY.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Hacker Researchers publish a book of subversive content

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We thought it would be a good idea to write and release a satirical Ebook which attacks the conspiratorial franchise known as...

"The Matrix".

This book offers a working example of how a brand can be devalued by using subversive materials. "The Matrix" franchise was chosen because it is in itself a subversive construct.

Here is the editorial review:

The book that was written to expose the evil-minded absurdity fueling the MATRIX. A Virtual Construct unveiled to the world under the guise of setting humanity free, when all along designed to enslave us all with the notion that we are all powerless in the face of an all-consuming, yet faceless enemy. Making us easy prey for the biggest con-men of all - Our own inner fear demons! See the lie through the eyes of a group of teen hackers. “White hats” involved in a struggle against the all powerful global syndicate of “Black hats”. Learn the ways of a new type of hacker.

The Illusion Shattering Matrix Hacker!

For more - or to purchase the book go to

To read more about "The Matrix" go to