Monday, 23 April 2007

Hackers to lead humanity out of the Visual Mind Prison!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
There are those who believe that the Visual Mind Prison is created outside of our minds and then we are all lured into it and become trapped. That mankind is unable to solve this problem because it is unable to perceive what is happening to it in the first place.That some external force has stolen our imagination, replacing it with the images it wants us to see.

Rendering us vulnerable, incapable of defending ourselves. That we are all being controlled by world events and that we are all doomed and that there isn’t much we can do about it because the enemy is not something we can control, see or touch. That our understanding of the truth is limited by our own imagination, which has been re-programmed by the Alien Masters since the day we were born.

There are black hats that crawl this planet. Many of them more powerful than you can ever believe. Many of these people would like to take control of the world. Would like to round us up like cattle and herd us into some fascist controlled bullring of limited possibility.

But the reality of it is – THEY CANNOT.

Many have tried but have been unable to break the spirit of man and so long as this remains true and strong they will never succeed in their ambition. For as long as there is one single White Hat on this planet, the black hats will never defeat us. For we know their flawed agenda and we will tell it to the people. We will tell it to their hearts and they will know again which direction they must take.

The complete meltdown of humanity will come not from some black hat threat but by mankind falling into a total dream state. Caused by becoming intrenched in the things we have created for our own amusement. Caused by the things we have designed to make our lives somehow more bearable. Hypnotic things like technology, media and drugs. Caused by mankind becoming lazy, unconstructive and docile. Caused by humanity losing its independence, its freedom, its confidence and its joy. No my friends, the threat of becoming intrenched by the Visual Mind Prison comes from within, it does not come from any enemy outside.
Once you understand how powerful you truly are, you will realise that the ability to take control is really within your grasp. AND YOU MUST TAKE IT, LEST YOU FORGET WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED AND FALL BACK INTO THE ABYSS.

Attention is what the black hat mind seeks to steal from you. For when your mind is pointed toward directions of limited importance it will not be attuned to the things that really do matter. Things like saving the world from annihilation. Like developing the mind and body of a warrior, preparing to defend truth and justice. Like sharpening the mind to bring peace and love to mankind, rather than sitting idly by whilst you watch the vultures pick the bones of the weak and less informed souls.

Control your reaction to mass opinion and emotion.

Clarify every issue. Be the master of every act. Concentrate on the task at hand. Direct your attention toward the things that really do make a difference in peoples lives and you will never become a prisoner of the Visual Mind Prison.

Hackers will lead you out of the Visual Mind Prison!

From the 2007 book --- The Matrix Hackers

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