Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Brand Killer Robots Profiles:: Young Computer Hacker: Smouth

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
For the past 10 years we at Brand Killer Robots have been actively involved with researching the psychology of numerous computer hackers - in order to advise brand protection managers on the kind of threat they will have to deal with. We have decided to publish some of the dialogue over the next few weeks to try and give some real insight into why and how these guys think. This first piece was from a hacker going by the name of Smouth, who is apparently skilled in the art of navigation on the Net. Apparently, he can find his way around the Net quicker than most people find their way to the bathroom.
Basically, if you can't find what you are looking for on the Net - he will find it for you.

Our question to him (or her) was "why do you hack?"

Answer we got was..................

They said to me, you must do everything we say.
You must do everything we do.
Everything, in everyway, just like us.
Then one day they cast me aside.
I was too much for them to handle.
Too disruptive.

What I thought of as my life, was suddenly taken away from me forever.
Everyone and everything lost forever.
Smashed into a million pieces, which could never be put back together again.
Never to be the same again.
With only myself to blame.

It was some years later that I was able to accept what had happened and to start the process of looking for a new identity.
Looking for a new purpose in my life.
Once you start looking, its often the thing you are seeking, that finds you.

It was then I was found
It was then I found my calling
It was then I knew what my life would be spent doing
I had found my destiny

As a lone star computer hacker

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