Sunday, 13 May 2007


Brand Killer Robots reveal::
You know when you’ve been in the ZONE, when you’ve been typing at your keyboard and you suddenly become conscious that you’ve been sat in the same position for over 10 hours. When you’re still drinking that same old coffee in the evening that you prepared in the morning. When you don’t know the meaning of taking a break and bedtime is when you finally feel satisfied with the work you have done - which is usually sometime after 1am in the morning.

People say that hackers are negative, introvert, nerdy type people, when in actual fact the truth is that these opinions usually come from people with only half a brain. Trying to get us to think about them, rather than letting us concentrate on being in the ZONE. Ok, it does look a little odd when you’re trying to communicate with a zombie that seems to be ignoring you…

But the answer is … to SHUTUP and GO AWAY!

When you are stuck half way between real world and the Internet, it can have a serious effect on you. What you have effectively done is to open yourself up to live and think in two worlds simultaneously and both are having an effect on you. You have offered yourself up to operate in two worlds so that you might play a more intelligent role.
So what if the bed isn’t made! So what! Can’t you see that I’m stuck between two worlds, right now!

If you cannot find your way into the ZONE, then you will have to remain on the fringes of the new world. Unfortunately for you, this will mean that you will always remain an outsider. Someone with a blurred vision. Someone who has limited control over your identity. Lack of power over the things that frighten you on the Net.
You will never truly know what is going on under the hood of your computer. You just won’t get it!!!



From the 2007 book --- The Matrix Hackers

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