Monday, 8 June 2009

Mind Control Stories - Meaning of Propaganda

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Propaganda comes from the word propogate. The word propagate means to multiply and spread. Two other words that fit this meaning are "pervasive" and "ubiqitous"

In looking at an example, you first start with two rats and then they multiply and you have rats everywhere.

Another example is that of religion. Religions such as Buddhism started in India and then propogated itself across the world. Or Coca Cola started as a localised American brand and then propogated across the world.

So in looking further at this when we talk about propaganda, we are talking about the propogation of ideas. You can think of this as ideas multiplying and spreading out.

Propaganda was first used by the catholic church when in 1718 Pope Gregory 15th formed Congregatio do Propaganda Fide. Which means "the congregation for spreading the faith". This congregation was responsible for spreading catholicism. To do this they sent out missionaires across the world to spread catholic views and ideas.

Many people today think that propaganda is a bad thing or lies. But the intentions behind the catholic idea of propaganda were in fact to the contrary.

Prior to the second world war, it was common for governments to have departments of Propaganda, but today they are called the Departments of information or Department of Public Relations.

In many countries, the word "propaganda" is not thought to be negative, giving way to the idea that propaganda simply means "the most persuasive form of advertising".

So when they watch a commercial on TV, they would naturally think of it as propaganda.

Tomorrow i will be looking at the purpose of propaganda - which is to persuade or influence people.

Continuing to explain the background to many of today's mind control stories.

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