Sunday, 7 June 2009

What is Propoganda Series - by Stephen Ryan

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Over the next few months I am going to be helping to reduce the misunderstanding over the subject of Propoganda and Mind Control.

It is a fact that we are constantly bombarded by propoganda. Turn on your TV and you are exposed to propoganda. Your children are exposed to propoganda.
Just look at the adverts about loans and offers to fight compensation claims, interwoven in between disney shows and the TeleTubbies. All are methods of conditioning through propoganda.

Read any newspaper and you are exposed to propoganda. To hidden messages that people want you to receive in order so they might gain. Bill boards in the city or placements in choice places. All are attempts to expose you to propoganda of some kind.

Your boss at work exposes you to propoganda through visual reports and presentations. If you watch videos on the internet, they expose you to propoganda.

If you talk to someonce about politics, religion, economics, freemasonary, conspiracy theories or philosophy you are then exposed to propoganda. Go and see a shrink, a counsellor or therapist and you are exposed to propoganda.

We are all constantly exposed to propoganda and for the most part we are not aware of it.

Sometimes it is a bad thing, sometimes a good thing.

What I want to do in the coming months is make you aware of what propoganda is and how it is used, so that i can help you to recognise propoganda so that you will have the ability to deal with it, in a way you feel appropriate. As opposed to being affected by it and not knowing why.

This will enable you to decide whether you want to be influenced by it or not.

Tomorrow we will be discussing exactly what propoganda is, so please do come back and listen some more.

But remember. It is only my take on this subject and for all i know.

You may just be reading some more propoganda.


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