Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Death of Imagination - Workplace Burnout

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Did you ever sit in the playground as a kid trying to set fire to ants and other insects using only the mid days sun and a magnifying glass? Well this guy did, but unlike my more sadistic peers i never went after the big stuff. You know like lizards, chameleons and the like.

But i recalled this scene today because it kind of reminded me of the time not so long ago when i was working as an statistics analyst. Where through repeated brain stresses by my employer, my mind was eventually burned out. This condition wasn't so much arrived at through the sheer intensity of the work, but by the emotional philandering of the executives for whom i worked. Some of this manipulation was deliberate, but the majority simply gross incompetence in the task of managing those who would give up their intellectual mind as a tool to produce that which others could never even imagine.

Can you imagine waking up to a world where your mind doesn't work effectively anymore? Where your mind has a mind of its own. Where panic attacks are frequent. Where your body is in a total fight or flight state. Where you fear going outside, driving, taking a vacation, being in close quarters with other people. Where work is a constant worry. Where you fear they are coming to take your house away from you. Where you cannot go into offices anymore. Where the shame is so great that you want to kill yourself, but you cannot even bring yourself to do that. Where you spend years in therapy with people who couldn't possibly understand. Where you hate yourself and are frustrated that your mind just won't work anymore and that you are letting everyone else down. Where you fester about what they did to you - but feel totally disabled in doing anything to get back at them. Worse still people around you tell you to put your failures behind you and move on, when what you have lost is a mind to move on with.

So you fester in the sin of your past, like you have been buried alive.

Am i imagining this, i think? Or is this the only imagination i have left?
To live a life of hell past all human imagining.

The spirit seeks to move on. The will is strong, But the imagination has been burned, so the mind just goes around and around in black circles.

Frustration sets in as the declining body of humanity atrophies.

And all that is left is the shadow of the form and the whisper.....

"A loving, free, human being used to live here.."

....But now its imagination is dead - because they turned him into a robot.................

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