Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Death of Imagination - Workplace Burnout

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Did you ever sit in the playground as a kid trying to set fire to ants and other insects using only the mid days sun and a magnifying glass? Well this guy did, but unlike my more sadistic peers i never went after the big stuff. You know like lizards, chameleons and the like.

But i recalled this scene today because it kind of reminded me of the time not so long ago when i was working as an statistics analyst. Where through repeated brain stresses by my employer, my mind was eventually burned out. This condition wasn't so much arrived at through the sheer intensity of the work, but by the emotional philandering of the executives for whom i worked. Some of this manipulation was deliberate, but the majority simply gross incompetence in the task of managing those who would give up their intellectual mind as a tool to produce that which others could never even imagine.

Can you imagine waking up to a world where your mind doesn't work effectively anymore? Where your mind has a mind of its own. Where panic attacks are frequent. Where your body is in a total fight or flight state. Where you fear going outside, driving, taking a vacation, being in close quarters with other people. Where work is a constant worry. Where you fear they are coming to take your house away from you. Where you cannot go into offices anymore. Where the shame is so great that you want to kill yourself, but you cannot even bring yourself to do that. Where you spend years in therapy with people who couldn't possibly understand. Where you hate yourself and are frustrated that your mind just won't work anymore and that you are letting everyone else down. Where you fester about what they did to you - but feel totally disabled in doing anything to get back at them. Worse still people around you tell you to put your failures behind you and move on, when what you have lost is a mind to move on with.

So you fester in the sin of your past, like you have been buried alive.

Am i imagining this, i think? Or is this the only imagination i have left?
To live a life of hell past all human imagining.

The spirit seeks to move on. The will is strong, But the imagination has been burned, so the mind just goes around and around in black circles.

Frustration sets in as the declining body of humanity atrophies.

And all that is left is the shadow of the form and the whisper.....

"A loving, free, human being used to live here.."

....But now its imagination is dead - because they turned him into a robot.................

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Abuse is short-lived. But Revenge can last a lifetime?

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
I was talking to a gentlemen in his 80's at a car boot fair the other day and he was telling me about his time fighting in Korea. Apparently he was a member of an infantry unit and whilst over there got knifed in the back. Not by a Korean as it happens. But by an American Seargent who seemed to have taken a disliking to the British, whilst they were together in the officers mess.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, the fight ended up with the old guy winding up in hospital for a month. Whilst he was convalesing his unit went into battle and all of his comrades were killed.
When he got out he went looking for the American Sergeant, but was told that his unit has shipped back home.

The old guy was also shipped back home, left the army and started a career as a GPO engineer.

What i found very strange about the old guy was that he still spoke with passion about what had befallen him and his comrades. In fact he told me that he intended to travel to the USA the very next year and seek out the American seargent in question. He told me that when he saw him he intended to walk right up to him and look him in the eye. Then shove a knife into his belly. He said there will be no stabbings in the back from me, but i do intend to avenge my comrades who would still be alive today if i had been there.

That Seargent cheated me and them out of a lifetime of comradship.

Why shouldn't he suffer too?

Just shows that revenge can run a lifetime. So better not stab anyone in the back had you?

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

David Cameron - Britains Turning Blue - thanks to you!

Vèlia Bach Creus

Will you truly hear the people suffocating in their own tears?

Monday, 8 June 2009

Mind Control Stories - Meaning of Propaganda

Brand Killer Robots reveals:
Propaganda comes from the word propogate. The word propagate means to multiply and spread. Two other words that fit this meaning are "pervasive" and "ubiqitous"

In looking at an example, you first start with two rats and then they multiply and you have rats everywhere.

Another example is that of religion. Religions such as Buddhism started in India and then propogated itself across the world. Or Coca Cola started as a localised American brand and then propogated across the world.

So in looking further at this when we talk about propaganda, we are talking about the propogation of ideas. You can think of this as ideas multiplying and spreading out.

Propaganda was first used by the catholic church when in 1718 Pope Gregory 15th formed Congregatio do Propaganda Fide. Which means "the congregation for spreading the faith". This congregation was responsible for spreading catholicism. To do this they sent out missionaires across the world to spread catholic views and ideas.

Many people today think that propaganda is a bad thing or lies. But the intentions behind the catholic idea of propaganda were in fact to the contrary.

Prior to the second world war, it was common for governments to have departments of Propaganda, but today they are called the Departments of information or Department of Public Relations.

In many countries, the word "propaganda" is not thought to be negative, giving way to the idea that propaganda simply means "the most persuasive form of advertising".

So when they watch a commercial on TV, they would naturally think of it as propaganda.

Tomorrow i will be looking at the purpose of propaganda - which is to persuade or influence people.

Continuing to explain the background to many of today's mind control stories.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

What is Propoganda Series - by Stephen Ryan

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
Over the next few months I am going to be helping to reduce the misunderstanding over the subject of Propoganda and Mind Control.

It is a fact that we are constantly bombarded by propoganda. Turn on your TV and you are exposed to propoganda. Your children are exposed to propoganda.
Just look at the adverts about loans and offers to fight compensation claims, interwoven in between disney shows and the TeleTubbies. All are methods of conditioning through propoganda.

Read any newspaper and you are exposed to propoganda. To hidden messages that people want you to receive in order so they might gain. Bill boards in the city or placements in choice places. All are attempts to expose you to propoganda of some kind.

Your boss at work exposes you to propoganda through visual reports and presentations. If you watch videos on the internet, they expose you to propoganda.

If you talk to someonce about politics, religion, economics, freemasonary, conspiracy theories or philosophy you are then exposed to propoganda. Go and see a shrink, a counsellor or therapist and you are exposed to propoganda.

We are all constantly exposed to propoganda and for the most part we are not aware of it.

Sometimes it is a bad thing, sometimes a good thing.

What I want to do in the coming months is make you aware of what propoganda is and how it is used, so that i can help you to recognise propoganda so that you will have the ability to deal with it, in a way you feel appropriate. As opposed to being affected by it and not knowing why.

This will enable you to decide whether you want to be influenced by it or not.

Tomorrow we will be discussing exactly what propoganda is, so please do come back and listen some more.

But remember. It is only my take on this subject and for all i know.

You may just be reading some more propoganda.