Saturday, 28 March 2009

New World Order - Evil Agenda or a Godly thing?

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Why do you think that we must build on democracy: Because it is the current system, because it is near an ideal system, or because you see all other systems potentially dangerous?

We must build on the democratic system because it has taken generations to build. It might be possible to go back to the land and start again for a small number of people, but there are near 7 billion people on this planet and that many people need a lot of careful management.

Don't you think it would be worth it having both: mental and physical freedom? I'll explain: I heard this story about a prisoner of the Nazi concentration camps that reached a state of mind where he felt far more freedom than his guards. However, that doesn't changes the fact that his physical freedom was limited by the prison itself. What I'm trying to say is that why should we conform to only freeing our minds, when our bodies are also meant to be free by nature?

Yes, i think you are talking about the imminent neurologist and psychiatrist (the late) Victor Frankl and his time spent in a Nazi concentration camp. His is probably the best example of how the spirit can be detached from the meta-physical and be lifted up beyond all worldly things. With globalisation has come greater freedom of movement than ever before. I hope this continues to be the case and that people who have not yet had this advantage do so in the future.

I'm not sure if you are joking on this one, but anyway: Don't you think that the architects of the new world order are the ones responsible for many of these atrocities (funded with our taxes, and acting against our will)? What kind of new world will they deliver if they build it using those methods? What makes you think they will change their forms once they are in power?

Many people have misunderstood the meaning of The New World Order or NWO. The NWO is more often than not characterised as the devils movement, when it is just as possible to think that it is a movement towards a more Godly world. A World where the ONE is better reflected through greater unity.
Why should a move to integrate the world more closely be seen as the domain of evil intent? Who created that assumption and why?

But developed nations keep on pushing their "democracy", which you agree it is ruined and corrupt, into other countries that do not want it. What's the point of imposing a system that is completely corrupt and that many nations don't want?

People are corrupt. The system is not necessarily so.
Those who are leaders must change for the better or be changed.

Well… that would depend on the new form of leadership. What is a fact is that the current model doesn't work. Even the most adept voter in any democratic country would agree that politicians would go to great lengths to progress their careers and agendas. How worst can it be? (I'm not taking about the ideology or the political system, just about the current model of leaders)

yes, this is because of the erosion of honour and integrity amongst many of our leaders. Democracy needs strong leadership underpinned by a fair justice system.

Don't you think that the current so called democratic "first world" benefits enormously from war, poverty and diseases in other nations; and therefore take many precautions to avoid putting an end to them? Wouldn't you agree that ending wars with even more wars is just not practical? I mean, it is quite easy to jump to the conclusion that war brings peace (in one way or another) but it also creates hate and anger, which turns in violence sooner or later, which turns into more killings and even another war; perpetuation the cycle.

Another issue is the right of each sovereign nation to govern themselves as they like. Who are we to go and tell Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran, Israel, Palestine and China how they should behave. Accept it would also be accepting them (or anyone else) to come and tell us how we should live and govern our countries.

The future of the planet depends on co-operation amongst all nations. Science and technology have created the potential for a single rogue nation to have a devastating effect on much of the world. We cannot allow for this to happen.

In my opinion, what we would gain from taking the power out of the hands of the elite and giving it to someone else would be breaking with the corruption that power provokes with time. I mean, it is a fact that power corrupts, and the more time you have it, the more corrupt you'll get. That's why, in my opinion, the system is breaking down (because it has been in the same hands for too long). Again, in my opinion, the elite found the way to perpetuate power in their hands, creating a very real but invisible unelected government.

It is true that putting the power in completely fresh hands would lack experience, but would also lack the desire and urge to become corrupt. And at the end of the day, that's why we change our leader every few years, but we don't change the rest of the position of power (whether they are in front and behind the scenes).

It will not be possible to alter the basis of power in any peaceful way and meddling is only going to allow even worse influences a chance to undermine democracy still future. I say, give our leaders time and seek to support only the good and the great. Accept life as it is - unless you have the ability and opportunity to change it.

Mankind is rapidly outgrowing this planet. Science and technology have introduced so many significant new risks and now our leaders have become extremely nervous. There is a great deal of fear that the end of the world is nigh and this of course serves to proliferate the sense of urgency to live life to the full whilst the world still exists as it is. There is also a sense that we are not alone anymore and that the time will soon come when humanity will not be the only intelligence inhabiting this planet. For all these reasons and the ones mentioned above we must tread very carefully, whilst still looking forward to the day when there will be peace and harmony for all.

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