Monday, 30 March 2009

Disloyalty and Anarchists infiltrate UK Government

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
This past few months has been awash with revelations of UK ministers and MP's playing fast and loose with their expense entitlement. They have been accused of everything from misusing expenses to paying off mortgages on houses to paying for adult movies and other unusual items.
Clearly there is no smoke without fire and these events certainly highlight the need for replacement of the majority of these people.

But out of these revelations comes something far more sinister. That being of disloyalty and anarchism within the very heart of the British Parliament.
Clearly there are forces at work inside our government that are working to undermine that which they serve.
Corruption be-gets corruption and these people are no better than the people they expose.

Our government, our society, our future should not be placed in the hands of such disloyalty.

Let those who leak stories of corruption be willing to stand up and be counted, rather than whisper hidden in the shadows to the irresponsible British press.

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