Friday, 27 March 2009

Democracy, the Illuminati and the New World Order

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So, do you think that this "democracy" is the best we can do? I mean, don't you believe that we can get to govern ourselves without being lied to and abused?

No. Democracy is not the best we can do - but we must build on Democracy, rather than cast it away in favour of something new. The danger is that we could easily be propelled back into the dark ages - when our forefathers really did go through significantly harder times. There is no quick fix.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by “there is nothing to gain personally from any of this interplay”. But it is a fact that there are billions of people who spend their lives trying to play a game that they have lost from the beginning. And what they lose is their personal freedom, the right to drive their lives how they see fit without being brainwashed and having the chance to fully develop at a personal level. Instead, they are forced (one way or another) to obtain their oppressors’ approval and to work all their lives for someone else's benefit. I think that it is a lot to lose at a personal level (and I had experienced it for myself during many years).

I understand what you mean. I have also been there, but once i got used to it i realised that it was all my fault. If i want to live my life as a free man i can. Independence is a state of mind that can be developed by the individual - or not as the case might be.

I think it is also fair to ask ourselves: how much better could it be? About the gangs, warlords, murdering, raping, mass starvation and disease, we also have many of those under the umbrella of democracy, more than we would like to admit. And it is fact that most of those crimes are a direct consequence of the decision that elected leaders took in democratic countries; by the way, funded by our taxes, which I guess makes us part of it (like it or not).
I agree that there is a tyrant in every corner, but if you go to any parliament, congress or world summit around the world, you will surely find the highest percentage of tyrants per square metre anywhere in the entire globe.

yes, it is a big shame that things are not the way they should be, but a New World Order looms and by more closely integrating nations and their peoples we should fix a lot of these kinds of problems.

But shouldn't we also take into account that those "third world" countries were perfectly balanced before we arrived? And that they lived happier lives, also in perfect harmony with nature before they even heard the term "democracy"? This makes me think that there might be better solutions than the ones we are using, and that there might be an alternative way without ending up in total chaos.

yes, i totally see what you mean. The Spirit of Democracy has ruined many nations and their cultures. I have always been aware of that and of course there is no putting back 10's of thousands of years of civilisation. All we can do is try to repair what Democracy has spoilt.

I also don't agree with this statement. It is true that people tent to elect and follow leaders (I have been observing this behaviour since primary school), even the animals that live in hoards do. But that doesn't justify the huge differences between the elite and the average man. In my opinion, being a leader doesn't imply a semi-god status, but rather a practical function within the group. The birth right is also a man-made concept, as it doesn't exist in the natural world, so I don't see the need to perpetuate the same bloodlines in power (as our elites do). And that seems to be pretty important for them; knowing that power will stay in the family. Probably there would be no elite without this obsession for bloodlines, which might also help me proving that having an "elite" is not essential for any system to work.

Stability is what mankind seeks in its quest for peace and harmony. When the leadership fragments and disharmony reins within the head family, this has a direct impact on the general public who rely on the head family to reflect the right way to live. What we have seen over the past 10-20 years is the gradual undermining of the elite (by themselves and those outside) and this has had a detrimental affect on how the people conduct their own lives. I would say, forget the personailities and their grotesque greediness and arrogance and ask whether our society would be better off with any other form of leadership.

It is well known from antiquity that the masses need very little to be appeased. You probably heard the Roman motto "break and circus", which proved that if you gave your people enough food and enough entertainment, they wouldn't worry about anything else (more or less like our fast food and TV). The problem is that, as Ernesto "Che" Guevara said: "the people who do not know how to write and read are easily tricked", and fortunately each time more of us know how to read and write. So, I'm starting to think that one day "bread and circus" will not be enough to appease the masses.

yes, appeasement of the people is the easy bit. The most difficult part will be to ensure that wars become a thing of the past and the eradication of poverty and disease. It is time that all children in our world were afforded the same opportunity. Unfortunately this requires appeasement of rogue nation states before this can happen. Hence the need to bring into line Iraq, Afhganistan, Iran, Israel, Palestine, China etc

What would you think about having a real "democracy"? I mean, a system where the population governs themselves? It wouldn't need many changes, just take the power out of the hands of the elite; no anarchy, no chaos, no lies, no hidden agendas, no occult secrets, and no exploitation. Do you think that would work?

People are people. You take power out of the hands of one blood line and give it to half a dozen others - how much better off would we be? Truth is, people are people and whatever leadership we put in place will always spawn some form of corruption. We have had great leaders in history who have ruled justly with an iron grip and then when they passed away were replaced by rampant corrupt phonies. Nothing is nailed down. Nothing is perfect and neither was it designed to be. Secret societies exist at all levels of society. Whether it be the so called illuminati or the freemasons, old boys network, the mafia, the elitist golf club, the close knit family unit who treat outsiders as second class members etc etc...
We are One as they say.

Just when looked at individually, some parts seem more hopeless than other parts. But we are all essentially capable of the same.

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