Friday, 27 March 2009

Democracy - Scam or Non Scam?

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Are you saying that democracy is a scam, where "the people", are played to believe they have any power? If so, can so many people be blind about this issue? Or that maybe they already know, and they play along with it?

Well, its not necessarily a scam. It is true that such systems are devised such that the few govern the many. No one can argue that todays way of life is worse than it was 100 years ago. In that sense, the ordinary man and woman accept what is above and beyond them and make the best of life.

Then, do you mean that democracy means "governing the population", instead of "popular government"?

Yes, it is about governing the population, whilst giving the population a sense that they too could share in the power and prosperity of the ruling classes.

Why would they put at risk a system that works for them and at the same time keeps the masses aparently happy?

What has happened is an age old problem, where the bourgeosie of the day eventually gourge themselves silly on the available resources and then inevitably bring the whole system into disrepute. The same thing happened in Rome, Nazi Germany and many other courts in history.

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