Sunday, 29 June 2008

Technical Overview of the Matrix

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
1. Grid
Human-techno integrated global computing system. Large part of the Grid is comprised of the Internet.

2. Matrix
This is the collective human consciousness (the psyche) caught in the perceived gap between the human mind and the technology. The purpose of the Matrix is to ensure human beings become more dependent and more integrated with the technology. Thus ensuring they are more susceptible to manipulation.

3. Cognitive Hack
These are points in the matrix where human beings are psychologically most susceptible to suggestibility and other forms of vulnerability.

4. Cognitive Hacker
Some call them the Illuminati, others free masons, black hats, politicians, gatekeepers, executives. They are creators of cognitive hacks.

5. Pathological Analysis
This is the activity of identifying patterns as layed down in the Matrix by cognitive hackers.

6. Competitive Intelligence
This is the professional business term for those who fight cognitive wars in the name of commercial stakeholders. CI professionals use all the above concepts to protect shareholders.

7. Brand Killer Robots
These are pervasive themes that expose pieces of the whole matrix illusion.

8. Matrix Hackers
Hackers and Producers of theme robots for getting the truth out about the Matrix.
Matrix Hackers use Salvador Dali's Surrealist technique paranoiac-critical method to expose pathological threats to the world organization.

Paranoiac-critical method is the ability of the brain to perceive links between things which rationally are not linked. DalĂ­ described the paranoiac-critical method as a "spontaneous method of irrational knowledge based on the critical and systematic objectivity of the associations and interpretations of delirious phenomena."

Dali said "I believe that the moment is at hand when by a paranoiac and active advances of the mind it is possible (simultaneously with automatism and other passive states) to systematize confusion and thus help to discredit completely the world of reality.

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