Thursday, 24 April 2008

What really is Genius and why you wouldn't wish it on your worst enemy!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::

The Wiki says...............
A genius is a person of great intelligence, who shows an exceptional natural capacity of intellect, especially as shown in creative and original work. Geniuses always show strong individuality and imagination, and are not only intelligent, but unique and innovative.

Genius may come in a variety of forms, such as mathematical genius, literary genius, or poetic genius, etc. Artistic genius may show itself in early childhood as a prodigy or later in life; either way, geniuses eventually differentiate themselves from the others through great originality. Intellectual geniuses often have crisp, clear-eyed visions of given situations, in which interpretation is unnecessary, and they build or act on the basis of those facts, usually with tremendous energy. Accomplished geniuses in intellectual fields start out in many cases as child prodigies, gifted with superior memory or understanding.

Doesn't this all sound very exciting to you? Imagine being a genius? Gifted and innovative?
Individual, independent and unique!

Well think again!

If you ever met one you'd realise that they were more like robots. They usually believe that some higher order has bestowed unto them these great talents. They usually believe that they alone will rule the world. That they are Gods special children and they have been selected from billions to articulate his message.

They are the chosen ones!

This is further reinforced by those around them, who are attracted by these self-professed qualities. Geniuses are never so much surprised at their own capabilities, as how stupid every body else seems. It is true, Genius does carry a mysterious quality, but so too does it carry a tremendously heavy burden for the bearer.

You see, supposed Genius is no more than a quirk of human nature, which in many ways the bearer is ill equipped to deal with, both emotionally and in terms of social graces.

Far from improving their lives this quirk leads many of those with so called Genius into lives of criminality or mental health problems.

Many are ostracized by their peers.

So before you hire people with Genius, think about the consequences of doing so.

Both for you and for them!

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