Thursday, 24 April 2008

Are you a manager that creates robots - or can you turn robots into human beings?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We were once introduced to one of the most formidible managers in the computer software industry. This guy was up to his ears in MBA's and MSc's, was a highly respected pillar of every community from school governor to local counsellor, head of this that and the other and what not.

He was a big man and when he walked into the room you knew he was there without even looking. He would command a discussion group, or meeting and was a real hit with his peer management group.

He was excellent at organising things and would plot people and things on a big wall chart and was ready and alert to any problems that might delay the shipping of the product.

Problem was that he was almost totally left brain which meant that he wasn't really in touch with the brand - as a living breathing organism. To him, people were like robots and all the time they performed at the correct level - they would have a job. When they broke down, the plan would always be - how can we terminate them and get some more robots?

So this theme pervaded in the minds of his staff and the fear he generated through his own ignorance eventually culminated in an almost complete nervous breakdown of the intellectual and creative process in the business.

And then he was terminated!

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