Thursday, 24 April 2008

Is your company run by the Mafia?

Brand Killer Robots reveal:
"Listen here guy!! You are not going to survive here if you don't start breaking a few balls! We need these guys dead and we need them dead this week. Get them out of here, replace them with new fresh blood. We don't care how you do it! Just kill them dead!"

"Can i ask what they have done? These guys seem to know their stuff! I have found them receptive to change and best of all - they really want to do the best job!"

"We don't care, we just want them dead!"

"We don't like the look of them now. We just don't think they fit!"

"If you don't kill them dead - then we will have to take you out!"

"You know how things work around here!"

If this is how your business works - better make sure you work all those ghosts into your company risk register!

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