Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Time to wake up to the true spectre of HackerDom? Power in the hands of the ignorant = cruelty!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Think the greatest hackers in the world are those little nerdy guys sitting at a computer terminal lifting your credit card details? Think they are the guys up to their arms in computer gadgetry? Or the guys being advertised by the press as "the teenager who has to serve time in prison for outsmarting the ministry of defence".

Well think again?

The most advanced hackers are not immature weaklings who infect the communications pathways with cretanus algorithms or who inflitrate computer systems far away.

No. The most sophisticated of all hackers are people who can influence the world much more greatly than that. They are the people who through hacking can influence the worlds greatest nations. The people who can cause change to occur anywhere in the world, just by issuing the simplest of commands. The people who have the power to orchestrate the greatest illusions of all. Not by pressing buttons on a computer screen. Not by intercepting personal communications or creating the most sophistcated computer code.

These people are a very different type of hacker animal indeed.

They are the most formidable of all hackers. "The Cognitive Hacker".

Half digital, half human, these 'cognitive hackers' go to work everyday to create and articulate illusions and in so doing manipulate and influence the lives of billions on this planet.

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