Thursday, 17 April 2008

Is your company turning Employees into Human Killer Robots?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
In 2006 we embarked upon an experiment to turn a human being into a robot. The criteria for this was to place ourself in a position where through emotionally damaging, yet passive conditioning in an intellectually intense workplace we would eventually experience a perspective similar to that of a paranoid robot?

The conditions for this required that our conscious left brain be totally absorbed in an intense mathematical battle for survival, whilst our right brain was being challenged and undermined by manipulation of the emotional material inside.

So the situation was very much akin to reading Shakespeare, whilst walking across a high wire and if you fell off, your left brain was going to be erased, leaving you in an absolute Robot state.

At that point your personality and confidences would change because only your creative, intuitive right brain was left. You would have limited ability to relate. Limited substance to offer and almost no identity from which people would trust you. All you would have left is the rapidly atrophing memory of agony and mistrust, along with a growing rage for what had happened to you.

So you look for targets and envisage creatively the possibility for revenge.

But because you have no left brain, you can never do anything about it.

You can just sit and dream all day!

And maybe make a few blog posts!

If your company has a culture of turning human beings into robots.

Beware of the revenge of the robots! They just might find their left brains again.

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