Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Love is the only truth, everything else is delusion!

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A very great man once told me that there is no God and no such thing as love. That we are all just here living on one big spaceship called earth and we should all just try and get along with each other.

This man had done many great things in his life. He had built the most amazing things with his hands. He had thought up the most brilliant inventions and worked for some of the most powerful people and institutions on earth. He had fought for his country. He had been imprisoned because of his beliefs. He had been victimised and his family threatened. This man had seen some of the worse atrocities man could perpetrate upon man.

This man was a very great man but his life experiences had lead him to conclude that there was no God and that the human race was alone and that God existed only in the mind of peoples ignorance. He believed that love was merely a convenient word used to cover up peoples lack of responsibility and concern for one another.

But as great as he was, I knew God and I knew Love. For it lies deep within my soul.
I know it. I know that whatever befalls me - there is always a place for me marked God and in it I will find all the love that i need.

Have you ever truly felt so in love that your love illuminated your life and when you looked around you saw this love illuminated in the eyes of those you love?

For it is only in the strange formulas of love that man finds Truth.

And he who has ever experienced this will surely never lose sight of the Love of God!

And all will be peace and all men will glow in the Light of God.

And we shall all surely be saved.

And this includes the great who through life experiences have lost connection with the all mighty!

Love is the only truth, everything else is delusion!

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