Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Brand Killer Robots launch - the Webs First Trust Surveillance Toolset

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Welcome to the RIAM. The Internets first online surveillance system. The RIAM are living autonomous agents that roam the Net testing the integrity of targeted systems. Subscribers use the RIAM to ascertain whether a target device can be trusted prior to engaging the target themselves. The RIAM footprints and scans the target domain name and IP and reports whether the target is trustworthy. There are currently 13 classifications of trusted target.

The RIAM also provides the subscriber with a host of information. The RIAM emails the subscriber with this information. A full list of analysis data will be made available.

The RIAM also offers the subscriber anonymous scanning of the target, via a "cloaking" feature.

Cloaks include:
Don't want the target to know i'm looking = Undercover
Happy for the RIAM to tell who is looking = Open
RIAM to engage the target on my behalf = Promotional

The RIAM costs $99 per year for 1000 scans
Report sent every month

email Stephen at intrench@gmail.com for further information.

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