Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Young inventors working with Brand Killer Robots!

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Blogging is a marvellous form of communication, you never really know which direction your editorial will take, which is of course dependent upon the interests of your readers. Our original thoughts were to be able to develop a resource to educate and inspire senior management to think more creatively about the kinds of risk that they might be susceptible too from numerous influences in the future.

It seems from the response, that we have certainly achieved that objective, but with one interesting twist. It seems that Brand Killer Robots has been just as interesting to students than the long serving investment banker and the like.

One particular line of communication has opened up with a young inventor who wishes us to represent his biometric handwriting product to financial services organisations. His product is apparently one of the first of its kind and we do very much believe the story behind the idea.

If you can tie a signature to a particular person, without doubt they created it - how important would that be in the field of data assurance and forensic analysis? The biometric is patent pending and applications have been developed and now take the form of pen systems and digital writing pads. All that is required is for managers to introduce the technology to field trials on selective projects.

It seems that whilst the concept is compelling and all are in agreement of its potential, there are three primary concerns preventing the uptake of the technology:

1. Extensive testing of the technology and associated output data is a requirement prior to client engagement with the technology.
2. UK Courts to recognise digitally produceble analogue handwriting signature data as a basis of evidence, in support of cases.
3. Clients would expect to engage with the technology with a mature information security provider who would need to licence the technology from the inventor.

So whilst we started out writing a blog, we have become very differently involved with some of our readers and we look forward to extending our services to other interested readers in the future.

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