Thursday, 27 March 2008

White Hat Hackers - New World Saviours?

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
White Hat hacking is the art of designing computer tools, techniques, strategies, concepts, exploits and counter-methods to attack and defend against a bad target on the Internet. It is the art of mounting covert operations, spying and corrupting the evil black hat movement. The art of using the creative mind to see beyond the obvious, to envision possibilities way beyond that of the average computer user.

Anyone can become a White Hat. Anyone! Not anyone can be the best athlete or a brain surgeon, but anyone can become a White Hat. It means in reality that anyone can become an artist, because that is what white hat hackers are. They are skilled craftsmen that through their hands and minds create powerful online expressions that help save peoples lives. In fact I would go to say that they will become the Galileo's, the Einstein’s, the Da Vinci's of their day, only they will go one step further than the fore mentioned.

They are the artists who have the most remarkable of all missions. To rid the world of evil and bring freedom to all through their work. What artist of yesterday, today or tomorrow will truly be able to say they had such power to move hearts and minds of whole nations away from evil and tyranny towards fair and reasonable behaviour? The "white hat" hacker is truly going to have an impact on what we know today as art. White Hats are going to give new meaning to art that will not be accepted by the establishment, yet will not be able to be denied by it either.
The value of such art will be there for all to see and those who produce it will know that their lives were spent in worthy and noble causes. They will know that their lives really meant something and that the evidence of their endeavours is there for all to see.

Their inventions will remain long after they have left this planet.

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