Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Spin Jockeys Prevalent in UK LTD/PLC?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
As the markets crash and burn we write with some concern over a very recent revelation relating to the nature and style of investment management, here in the UK. Concern was raised when we witnessed the personal assasaination of one of the countries finest entrepreneurs, by another group of leading entrepreneurs. It appears that this person (who incidently) built a £100million brand starting from a kitchen table, is now apparently without good name, because the banks wouldn't lend certain sums to assure the future of the company. It appears that in order for the brand to survive that it must be acquired and money pumped into it by other (supposedly) more effective entrepreneurs. So this person walks away without a company, without a brand, without a job and most importantly - with reputation in tatters. Even worse is the fact that this person gets to see other less caring souls take over the baby that he had created. Haunted each and every day by what happened in the past, constantly aware of how the company is performing in the here and now and still feverishly pouring over the forecasts of the future of the company. Whilst all the time feeling bitter enough to secretly hope that the company takes a downward turn and for people to then say "told you so - they should never have got rid of me".

Our very real concern is that UK LTD/PLC is being hijaaked by Spin Jockeys (asset strippers, financial conjurers and ego maniacs), leaving little room for the entrepreneurs who actually develop the brands in the first place. Are we in danger of replacing creativity, integrity and hard working entrepreneurs with Spin Jockeys who know how to cut n paste business models and massage the meta money structures - but add little to the real potential of UK LTD/PLC and almost nothing to the real growth of our markets.

Whilst the real entrepreneur sits at home or does very little in comparison to their potential, the money making machine operators make the brand dance to the dismal tune of the latest disaffected CEO and the company walks uninspiringly into the wall of depression.

Should we be doing more to help those people who have contributed to building the markets, or to the parasites, crazy makers and con artists that are currently entrenched in positions that they are unworthy of?

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