Friday, 14 March 2008

Don't judge a book by its cover - learn to read it better!

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Last Sunday we were treated to a display by an angry mob, whom upon listening to the problems published by a leading light in the business community, sought to round on some seemingly ineffective owners and managers of local children BMX parks.

Apparently these customers felt that the management team at these venues were typically petty, extremely officious and incredibly lame thinkers in the creative department.

"How much?, they cried "could be done to improve the customer services facility in these places and increase the fun and convenience factors for everyone concerned, including the adults?"
Having spent a signficant time ourselves in these places and knowing a few managers and owners of BMX parks, we do know that these complaints are not uncommon, but one needs to look for the reasons why - rather than simply coming to conclusion this is simply the fault of inefficient, ineffective management.

Apart from the fact that these kinds of businesses are run largely on a shoestring, our own research shows that many of these kinds of activities (including indoor Ball parks) are under constant attack by idiot parents that want on one hand to not accept responsibility and on the other hand - are ready to sue as soon as little Timmy cuts his hand. We therefore believe that this problem is largely to do with the owners fear of not getting sued. Whatever their intentions were when they started the business - they are effectively constrained by fear of the next "extremely likely" insurance claim.

Don't judge a book by its cover - learn to read it better!

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