Saturday, 15 March 2008

Do Self made millionaires really have integrity? - Or does it just look that way?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
Dragged up in the 40's and 50's Alan the millionaire now struts his stuff on the celebrity cat walk known as "the business world". Its a place where you need to be smart to stay alive. Where you need to be ruthless to get on and where if you take your eye of the "money ball", you are likely to get ground up into mince meat. Yes, nasty is the name, lean and mean the game.

A place for highly motivated, harderned types. A place for winners. A place that despises weakness - and worse still stupidity.

Spitting remarks like a mechanical monster spirit, with a will forged in the fires of a difficult childhood - Alan the millionaire attempts to define the world around him.

Frustrated by those "incompletes" before him, he hacks and cracks at their souls, becoming more and more angry by their lack of understanding. Increasingly disallusioned by the futile things around him, does he stagger in rage, moaning and groaning, hacking and cracking - his fellow humanity.

Where is this mans integrity we ask? Does it lay peacefully and visibly within - or does it lay disallusioned, hidden outside? Proped up only by the lessening integrity of those souls he abuses around him?

Will he ever find out who he really is? Will he ever find peace?

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