Sunday, 16 March 2008

False Celebrity:: The true cost of success?

Brand Killer Robots reveal::
We danced in the sunshine at daybreak, in those hazy, crazy days
We were like kings, like Gods
Carrying the world on our backs, yet easily
For those were the times for us to plant the seed of our spirit youth
Time to build, time to grow out from within the cocoon of all-encompassing ignorance

We danced in the sunshine in the mid morning, with those who know and who dare
They were like kings, they were like Gods
Sharing their load, we carry even more of the world on our backs
For it is time for us to embrace more than our own self spirits
Time to stand fast with our fellows in strength and unity

We danced in the sunshine of the afternoon, with those who looked upon us for direction
They thought we were like kings, were like Gods
Now carrying the whole world and more on our backs
We begin to see in the sunshine the error of our ways, images borne from the immortality illusion
But it is too late, too late to walk away from our responsibilities

We danced in the sunshine of the evening, broken and weakened beyond recognition
We thought we were like kings, were like Gods,
Still carrying the world on our backs,
We begin to see angels dancing in the sunlight, beckoning us toward a new horizon

And they say "You are like kings and you are like Gods, but you have made one mistake".
"Whilst you were growing, you forgot that you were children, Gods children".
"You left your true spirit behind you and swapped it for artificial celebrity".
"Now you need to find it again". "You need to find YOU!"

And the night was still, the sunshine was no more, but God was still holding his children within his embrace.

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