Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Why counter intelligence can sometimes backfire!

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How do you really know if you can trust new employees to your company? How do you know that they don't have motives to take your business over working from inside? How do you know that they aren't a mole placed in your business by a competitor? How do you know that they aren't really there just to sabotage you? How do you know? How do you really know?

It is logical to think that in order to test the purity of the motive of a new member of staff, that it is entirely appropriate to set this person a test. But what test do you set them?

We recall some of the tests that we ourselves have been measured against in the past. Everything from being party to revelations about the CEO being a closet homesexual, to a discussion down the pub with (a supposed loyal colleague) who wishes us to consider ways of hacking the company to bogus recruitment agents calling us up and asking questions that seem strangely relevant to the particular circumstances with our current employer.

Suffice to say, all tactics were exposed at the point of delivery and only served to increase the awareness of incompetance of those we were in the employ of.

Had our motives been anything other than a sincere desire to motivate positive change inside the organisation - we would have surely been extremely wealthy by now.

Counter-intelligence should be left to the professionals!

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