Saturday, 5 January 2008

Reduce Noise Pollution:: Kill the me, me and me factor?

Brand Killer Robots reveals::
This woman comes around my house sometimes and whilst i'm tending to this blog, i listen to her talking to my wife in the kitchen. Actually i don't hear her so much, as listen to her constantly drone on about me, me and me.

My husband this, my husband that, we're going to do this, we're going to do that. Did you hear about so and so who just broke up with so and so? Guess what i heard the other day????

As my wife carefully tries to interject to recover some semblance of balanced conversation, her words are finished off for her and the woman steers the conversation back to me, me and me again!

By the time she is finished i'm absolutely warn out and frustrated by the fact i haven't been able to concentrate on what i want to do i.e "Think about me, my readers and my blog". God knows how my wife must feel - although i do know she always breathes a sigh of relief when the woman eventually decides she has had enough of telling my wife about herself, presumeably ambling off in search of a new equally accomodating victim.

My point here is that i liken this experience to many of the numerous encounters in business. Take for example the submission of business plans for seeking investment process, or the recruitment agency process, or the patent application process, book publishing or the selling your house process. All these processes tend to get drowned in the noise of me, me and me. So many self-interested parties talking (or not talking) different languages, adds to the noise of me, me and me.

In this arena, only the most agressive or luckiest wins - but this is not necessarily for the best.

The result, the right people don't always get to the right people.

We at BKR call for a language that reduces the me, me and me noise factor - in order to get to a commercial world where there is a more balanced conversation.

In order for this to be effective though, institutions must actively support an agenda to establish a new (non-me,me and me) protocol.

Those who dare.... wins!!!

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