Monday, 7 January 2008

Competitive Intelligence Students:: Add Innovation to your Karate?

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Here are just ten of the essential ingredients that you need to begin learning if you want to be an effective competitive intelligence analyst.

1. The language of competitive intelligence, ethics & SCIP
2. Formal Corporate Strategic Process and Enterprise Models
3. Marketing dynamics
4. Relationship management
5. Knowledge engineering
6. Intelligence Acquisition Tradecraft
7. Business Intelligence Data Modeling
8. Tools & Perspective template design
9. Time Management/ Budgetary control / CI KPI measurement etc
10. CI Reporting and Visual presentation

Perhaps just as importantly, albeit not a currently perceived as so is the requirement to be a skilled innovator. It is just not exceptable for CI analysts to contribute the most effective intelligence input to the decision-making process, only to fall short by being unable to process this intelligence and offer credible ways and methods of solving problems through innovative thinking.

It is akin to a CIA officer developing a credible knowledge base about a target, but who when reporting fails to offer any more advice than the intelligence he has provided.
An example of this would be where an analyst has spent many years in intelligence in a specific area, where they have been involved in viewing a number of different of outcomes and decisions. Under such circumstances you would expect the analyst to both contribute intelligence and comment on the likely design of the counter-strategies and the decision-making process.

We're not saying that the CI analyst should replace the CEO or Marketing Executive in terms of making the final decisions on the back of intelligence. What we are saying is that the CI analyst should at least be capable of formulating decisions on the back of intelligence and more importantly be able to innovate around this intelligence - in order to better support the decision making process.

We think it could be time for the Competitive Intelligence & Innovation Analyst.

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